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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
The other day 2 idiots racing (each other?) to get into Jerusalem passed us at the entrance to the tunnels with oncoming traffic coming directly at us.

They nearly got us all killed.

Even in the tunnels they did that to cars ahead of them (and I saw that they had done that to the cars that were behind us along the way).

Following that, they were so busy weaving in and around the other cars on the road, jockeying to get in front of everyone, that by the time we reached the red light on Derech Hebron, I was actually in front of them, simply by driving safely, sticking in my lane and going at the legal speed.

Everyone in the car started laughing at them so they could see. That certainly annoyed them.

With all their shenanigans on the road, and their inability to think more than one car ahead (much less anticipate what other drivers on the road were clearly doing), because of their weaving they kept getting stuck behind slower trucks.

Meanwhile, as we reached the next red light, we and other drivers on the road were still ahead of them, and these idiots were fuming. And if they weren't enough of a danger before, they certainly were dangerous now.

It is unfortunate that people like these two drivers are on the road. They are dangers to everyone else.

In yesterday's Eilat accident it was discovered that the driver had 22 prior traffic convictions. 22!

What was that guy still doing on the road?

I am willing to bet, that these 2 idiots last week had a nice sum of tickets racked up between them.

In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, in a lot of the major accidents the drivers had a large number of traffic convictions or their licenses revoked.

After a certain amount of tickets, these dangerous drivers don't need to go again to driving school. They need to be sent for psychological evaluations to determine if they can or can't control themselves enough on the road to not be hazards to those around them.


Leah Goodman said...

I think they need to implement long-term license suspension with jail terms if they violate them.

of course, they should never be allowed to operate public transit vehicles after a certain number of violations.

These "idiots" are killers waiting to happen.

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