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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
OK, maybe not for real, but those in top political echelons would like it to be over already (particularly before ground troops are sent in).

Barak, Livni, and friends proved their mettle. They're tough. They can defend Israel when politically expedient. Now let's get back to our regularly scheduled elections where Bibi can no longer call them laf-lafim (spineless, wishy-washy and irresolute) for letting all those rockets hit Israel without response.

With publicly and anonymously attributed comments, those on top are making it clear that they don't want this war to continue on to victory.

In a rare break from his usual silence (walk quietly and carry a big stick), Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi completely distanced and disassociated himself from those remarks calling for a cease fire.

Ashkenazi must be in shock. Here he is, with his army trained and poised to win (and actually winning), his chain released a few meters, and suddenly he is being yanked and reeled back in.

Listening to the mixed messages coming from those currently on top of the political food chain it is clear that they don’t know what the goal of this war is supposed to be.

There have been vague statements that everyone is free to interpret however they want.

Meanwhile Gabi Ashkenazi wants to crush and obliterate the Hamas military and political infrastructure. That is his job as he understands it.

The only problem is what comes next? Reinstating Fatah? A Civil Administration? Exiting and leaving behind anarchy and a vacuum?

Any and all of those solutions are bad, and that is currently all that Barak and Livni can bring to the table, so instead they want a temporarily enfeebled and tranquilized Hamas.

While the truth is that only by returning to Gaza, rebuilding our towns, and expelling any enemy and terror supporting inhabitants from this general territorial region will bring quiet and peace to Israel.

And that is a declaration of failure for the entire ideology of the Left, particularly the Disengagement.

And that is too expensive a price for victory.


bluke said...

As I wrote here the war was lost before it even started.

AmPowerBlog said...

"...crush and obliterate the Hamas military and political infrastructure."

Sounds like a plan!

bluke said...

Even Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post are saying this. See Deja Vu - Is this the Lebanon war redux?

rashkov said...

You know, I like your proposal, but what will Israel eventually do with the Palestinians? Don't they need a country of their own, because how can it be a Jewish state when Jews become a minority?

Anonymous said...

See the Elon Plan for one possible resolution.

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