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Thursday, December 11, 2008
Feiglin has just showed that he is so much bigger than Bibi.

Feiglin was interviewed on Mabat (Channel 1) and this is what he said.

To begin with Feiglin said he has no intention of taking his case to the Supreme Court - even though legally he should win.

First of all, because the Supreme Court is simply Left and he has no faith in it, secondly and more important, because he plans to enter the Knesset because of a large Likud and the will of the voters, and not because of some win in court.

Furthermore, he said Bibi is just shooting himself in the leg. He compared him to Sharon, who also went against the will of the voters.

Feiglin has chosen to not rip apart the Likud in a legal battle. He has shown that he is the leader that Bibi is not.


Anonymous said...

this is wrong becuuse he is playing the victim and we are facing iran and leaving the west bank why is he playing the victim at the expense of everyone in eretz yisroel we need to get him to change his mind

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