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Saturday, December 27, 2008
Israel has finally decided to join the war in the South.

Initiating what has been called a surprise attack (surprise, because no one thought for a second that this government would ever react to the continuing attacks against the country), it has given a decent enough first strike against Hamas targets.

(I heard all the jets flying this morning and was wondering what that was about).

But the questions are, what comes next, and what is the goal?

Is the goal to achieve a short term quiet? To remove Hamas? To reinstate Fatah? To create a unified Palestinian Terror State whose goal is to replace Israel (one way or the other)?

It certainly won't be to return our settlements or to remove the enemy population.

Will this be an excuse to delay or cancel elections? (Already most of the major parties have announced they have stopped campaigning while the war is going on).

Meanwhile Israeli Arabs (the ones in Israel) are busy rioting against Israel's actions. No surprise there.

The next questions are, will Hizbollah join the fray, and what about the Arabs of Judea and Samaria.

Stay tuned as we learn if this is for real, maneuvering ahead of elections, or even good for the Jews.

Regardless, let's pray for the safety and success of our soldiers who are finally being given a chance to defend our country (and perhaps find Gilad Shalit).

I'm posting updates over at the Muqata.


jack said...

as long as criminaly insane traitorous gangster Olmert is PM nothing will change,
this traitorous swine is an enemy colaborator working with israel's enemies to hasten its destruction/
IDF if you want to make sure you will win this war in gaza,you must first get rid of this traitorous human garbage

Anonymous said...

We are here from Leah's blog. We are so glad Israel has finally taken some action against the arabs! We believe Israel has a right to defend herself and the Jews are the rightful owners of the land!!!!!!! We were so grieved when the Jewish people were removed from the Gaza. That land belongs to Israel.

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