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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
The other day I mentioned that I was going to the Beer Festival I saw mentioned on Streets of Jerusalem.

One slight problem that the Jerusalem Municipality apparently forgot to tell everyone.

No Settlers allowed.

No, not in so many words, but they made it clear who they wanted in, and who not.

I showed up and was told that entry is forbidden to gun carriers (aka Settlers). Can you believe that?! The kid at the gate told me to leave my gun in the car if I wanted to go in (Can you believe that too?!).

Yeah, that's right, everyone at this festival was going driving after drinking, and that is OK as far as the Municipality is concerned.

Anyway, We got our money refunded and promptly turned around (avoiding the drunks), drove to Talpiot and went out to eat for the first time at Pasha’s (Glatt Kosher).

Ask me about Turkey, I say Thanksgiving.

I’ve never eaten Turkish food before. I had to ask for an English menu because I couldn’t understand what I was reading. Turns out the wife had to ask for explanations too, as she didn’t know what she was reading either.

Anyway, we ordered a whole bunch of side dishes (our favorite was the Humus with Tatbila – some kind of ground, spiced meat). Most of them were made of ground beef, like some pizza like thing called a Lachma Joun.

The olives were excellent (no meat). I thought I detected a hint of whiskey on them, but the Mrs. said they were simply good quality Syrian olives. And did I mention that the salads and pita were never ending.

We’re going back again. Next time, we'll try the main courses.

And best of all. Armed settlers are welcome in Pasha.


JoeSettler said...

One clarification (for my mother who expressed concern). No, I wasn't planning on drinking and shooting.

We heard there was also a food show going on inside.

But now we'll never know.

stillruleall said...

Very often I agree with you, but I cant fault the city for not allowing guns into a beer festival.....

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Joe, it's the same deal with Shavua Sefer, where they specifically publish a note--albeit in small print--stating that entry with guns is prohibited. If your accusation against the Jerusalem Municipality is true, by the same token they are telling off duty security guards, police, and soldiers. The wine festival has the same deal, but because the Israel Museum has a facility for storing weapons, you can travel with your gun and "check it in" at the museum.

I wouldn't read into this too much. There are insurance issues, security issues, etc. Do call the municipality and request that in the future such events have an appropriate mobile facility for gun unloading and storage. Sorry things didn't work out with the beet festival. But Pasha is awesome!

JoeSettler said...

I was writing half tongue-in-cheek. But I was annoyed that I went and didn't know that I wouldn't be allowed in.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love lahmanjeen. But isn't that Syrian?

And I can see why the festival organizers would think that drinking and packing heat are a bad idea. Why do you assume that they're trying to keep settlers out?

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