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Friday, August 31, 2007
Should I add a few more exclamation points to the title?

The Eastern Gush Etzion Road is opening up this Friday morning at 6AM. That's less than 3 hours from now - and it only took some 20+ years.

For those that live in eastern Gush Etzion, it means that the drive to Jerusalem will take a mere 10 minutes. For those in the west, it means an alternative to the tunnel road for when the police decide to annoy the residents by pointlessly slowing down the traffic.

It's going to be called the Gush Herodian Highway.

If you want to visit Herodian from Jerusalem (and see where King Herod is buried), it will now be a very quick trip.

Till now the road has been closed only because of certain leftist politicians (the road itself was completed a while ago except for the last few meters).

I want to personally thank all the Gush Etzion (and Jerusalem) activists who have been fighting non-stop to get this road open to Jewish traffic.

Read more here.


Anonymous said...

"For those that live in eastern Gush Katif..."

Anonymous said...

I've got Gush Katif on the mind.

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