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Saturday, August 18, 2007
Last week a major event happened. It was so unusual, that I can't say when was the last time I heard of it happening was. It was even mentioned (in passing) by the media who, of course, ignored its ramification.

And it slipped past the pundits and storymakers (as far as I can tell).

You see. Last week, on the day of the primaries, something extraordinary happened.

Moshe Feiglin went up to the Temple Mount.

No, that in of itself isn't unusual.

What is unusual is that he prayed. He openly prayed. And he prayed unhindered. And he prayed and wasn't arrested.

And you know what?

He prayed and the Arabs didn't riot. He prayed and the Arabs nations didn't attack.

I think it is time we end the this myth of fear of the Arab reaction to Jews praying on the Temple Mount. It is obvious the government can allow and protect us if they wanted to. The problem lies with the government, and their decision to not allow it.

Moshe has shown us the truth on this one.


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