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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
If you are looking to quickly drive* up North these next few days, even faster than usual, may I suggest Kvish-6?

Kvish-6 is the private toll road that goes North and South and generally has a relatively high speed limit and less traffic.

Of course, these days, if you take the road, you'll be mostly alone and be able to drive even faster.

Of course, you will want to drive faster as that will be a good way of dodging the Arab bullets that are being shot at Kvish-6 drivers.

True, the police are not sure if it is an Arab sniper shooting Jewish motorists on this Israeli road, or just incidental fire from the Arab shooting "in the air" at weddings (from over the Wall) and they just happen to hit Kvish-6.

Either way, you should have the road to yourself, but don't use that time to think about the obvious questions, such as "What good is the wall?", "What happens when they start shooting even more?", and "Wait! I didn't cross the 'Green Line', why are the Arabs shooting at me?".

Besides the massive amounts of fireworks these past few days (And where do they get them all, anyway? Are they made locally? How do they get to import such massive amounts of explosives?) there's been quite a bit of shooting in the air.

* JoeSettler does not condone or recommend speeding.


Anonymous said...

I wonder when Egged will start having to use memugan-yeri buses on the routes that use Kvish Shesh?

(Maybe motorists will have to start calling it "Kvish Sheesh" -- as in "Sheesh! Why are they shooting at me? I'm not a settler!?")


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