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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Interesting thing happened today. I was on Ben Yehuda this afternoon where they are setting it up for some sort of major entertainment event, and standing on one of the stages that was finished, were a diverse looking group of young people singing Jewish songs in perfect Hebrew.

After a few songs, they explained that they are non-Jews from around the world that came to show their support for Israel, and let us know that not everyone in the world hates us. He spoke in English with some Hebrew mixed in, and then he made a strange slip, and then caught himself, and I suspect I was the only one who thought he almost heard the word "gospel".

They broke back into song again, and then the next guy introduced himself with a nice speech, and at the end mentioned his messiah Yeshua.

Two people seemed to have understood and they booed, the rest kind of didn't know what he was talking about (as he spoke English). I walked away at that point.

I don't know if these are part of the Messianic groups that have been preying on Jews lately, or if these are genuinely supportive religious people.

I have been wondering if, as Jews, we have an obligation to introduce them to the 7 Mitzvot Beni Noach.


haKiruv said...

Yes, it sounds like you found yourself some Messianics. A majority of them learn Hebrew, try to act Jewish and what not, and try to make frequent trips to Israel. I've found some even claim they're bnai noah to help make in-roads into the Jewish community.

The truth, is that it's all still Christianity, whether you dress it up in a Hebrew suit or not. In order to vet them, because different groups use different names for their messiah(Yeshua, Yehoshua, etc), it's best to ask if they believe the Messiah has come already, particularly in the 1st century.

What's confusing is that they come under the guise of lovers if Israel and Zionists, but on a deeper level, they wish everyone to see that such-and-such is moshiach.

On that note, if you started teaching about the laws of Noah, they probably already know about them. What helps more, is just knowing how to argue a Messianic. For instance, "didn't your Messiah tell you to do what the Perushim tell you to do? Why not keep the seven laws then." Something like that. In order to have comebacks like that though, one has to have knowledge of their writings, and it's not something I recommend to study.

"From the forest itself comes the hammer for the axe"

haKiruv said...

I mean, "handle for the axe" lol

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