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Thursday, August 09, 2007
How often have you hear someone say that it is legitimate to criticize Israel and Israeli actions vis-à-vis the Arabs. They may be Jewish, they may be non-Jewish, but they always claim that they are not (being) anti-Semitic, but legitimately protesting Israeli policies.

It's time we put that myth to bed.

Dr. Charles Small, director of the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism did a study of anti-Semitism, trying to discover its roots and other related issues.

After an extensive study of anti-Israel/anti-Zionist sentiment and anti-Semitism, a(n unsurprising) correlation was uncovered.

56% of those who expressed anti-Israel/Zionist sentiments and beliefs (such as believing that Israel poisons Arab wells) also expressed typical anti-Semitic sentiments or beliefs.

So the next time, someone starts to criticize Israel vis-à-vis the enemy and tells you it's OK and legitimate - flip a coin. Either side it lands on, the person you are talking to is likely to be an anti-Semite.


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