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Monday, August 06, 2007
As long as Peace Now only targeted “Dati-Leumi” settlers, and distressed only a "minimal" number of Chareidim, the Chareidi community kept quiet.

Back in the beginning of July I wrote about Peace Now preventing Chareidi residents of the Hefziba projects near Modiin from moving in to their built and paid for homes.

I explicitly mentioned the hardships they are causing the residents and the construction companies.

I further explicitly mentioned that the court determined the land under question was Jewish owned, and how Peace Now was preventing the project from being occupied due to a minor filing technicality (that is overlooked everywhere else in this country) that could be fixed in a few months time.

The Chareidi community is now beginning to wake up and realize that the evil that Peace Now does affects them too. They are blaming Peace Now for preventing them from entering their apartments, and thus preventing Hefziba from getting the remainder of their money and freeing up their bank guarantees and credit lines.

They are blaming Peace Now for causing Hefziba’s collapse by causing cash flow problems on their major project.

Peace Now’s response is typical, “But we at Peace Now do not regret what we did.”

And they followed it up with, “[the IDF, the Civil Administration and the police ] now have a responsibility to those poor families."

Anyone but themselves.

Perhaps this will awaken the Chareidi community and realize that if they don’t stand together and fight together with the Dati-Leumi community they will be hurt again and again by the Erev Rav.


Daniel said...

Peace Now are nothing more than kapo quisling "I'm not JewishI'm Israeli" scum.
Hopefully the chareidi will wake up and realize that these are the same demographic that denied them visas and fought the Bergson Group and cut the yemenite payos,

Batya said...

Not so simple. There's more to it.

Daniel said...

My hatred for kapos and other quislings is not senseless . It is quite wll founded. In fact we say it thrice daily.

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