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Monday, August 13, 2007
Everyone is reporting that Syria is accelerating their offensive missile deployments (in preparation for war with Israel). They are preparing missiles that can carry chemical and biological weapons. Something that we already know the Syrians aren't afraid to use.

These missiles can even reach Tel Aviv.

The government is worried that any move they make will trigger the trigger-happy Syrians (either directly or through their Hizbollah agents).

So while Syria openly ramps up for war or at least an offensive against Israel (to capture the Golan?), this Israeli government has decided to not take any overt measures to defend ourselves.

This even extends to Barak's decision today to not distribute Gas Masks, even though, the missiles that Syria is deploying are B/C ready.

Barak is afraid that if Israel takes the minimal steps to protect its citizens in even the most defensive (and inoffensive) manner against the overt and growing Syrian threat, that the Syrians will decide that Israel is being aggressive and will attack.

That's logic for you.

I'm glad I don't live in Tel Aviv (or Sderot - where they are also afraid of defending the citizens in case it will instigate the Gazans to attack).

Anyway, I've still got gas masks for all my family from the last time.


Lurker said...

Actually, no, I haven't got mine. The Home Front Command came around to our neighborhood and rounded them all up. The gov't says there's no need for them anymore. "Gas, shmaz", as Pres. Peres would say.

stillruleall said...

When I went to the army, I was missing my army-issued gas mask in my kitbag. I told the samal not to worry since I had my state-issued one at home, and I would just bring it after our next Shabbat off. My samal and Mem-mem both had a nice hard laugh and then they told me that if I would ever be in a position where I needed my state-issued gas mask, I'd be better protected running away from the chemicals then putting the crappy mask on.

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