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Saturday, August 25, 2007
I can't stand Naomi Chazan's worldview. In this weekend's paper she saved us from her usual drivel and actually made some insightful comments.

When describing the (lack of) differences between Netanyahu, Barak and Olmert she said, "All told, these minor conceptual readjustments around a hypothetical political center lack both substance and creativity, let alone vision. "

The funny thing is, is that since all are readusting around the political vision that her camp created and stuck us with I find it quite refreshing that she admits that her camps ideas are without substance.

"The need to choose among three tested and disproved leaders is hardly inevitable."


"Highly qualified and responsible people with fresh ideas and the courage to pursue them abound in the country. The quest for such a slate of experienced and untainted candidates must commence without delay."

Yes they do, and the first person that comes to mind that isn't tainted by Oslo and the Left's attempts to create another regional terrorist state is...

Moshe Feiglin.


Anonymous said...

Forget Feiglin..."Manhigut Yehudit" is NOT a political movement, it is a political cult based around his own personality. In the past, the deliberately voted for the Leftists in the Likud, wanting to hog the "right-wing-dati" label for themselves. They voted for the Likud MK's who supported the destruction of Gush Katif and opposed the more right wing/religious candidates. They admitted this in last week's Makor Rishon. They simply want to get Feiglin and themselves into power. Feiglin says people should have voted for him because he is "G-d fearing". Well, we have had religious MK's and parties for have they done? Why is wearing a Kippah the main criterion for being a good leader?

The fact is that the reign of terror by the media , police and state prosecutor's office has driven all the good people out of politics, leaving us with Bibi, Barak and Olmert. This just goes to show that the era of party partisan politics in Israel is over. There is no possibility of changing anything WITHIN the system. Only extraparliamentary groups and activity can make a difference (e.g. the people going up to Homesh). At the moment, the Left is quietly supporting Feiglin feeling that he damaging the Likud (maybe that is actually good?) but if he ever really stood a chance a taking over the Likud, they would be put in jail or harassed by the ruling clique in other ways. Time to wake up to reality.

Daniel said...

to paraphrase an old yiddish saying-" a chazen remains a chazer

Ben Bayit said...

read the last part of this.

Basically confirms what I have been saying about Feiglin... anmd from the horses mouth.

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