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Saturday, August 18, 2007
An interesting thing happened at the Primaries last week.

As you know, each candidate had a their followers located at each voting booth to "prevent" the other side from cheating.

So all the votes in Natzrat were discounted after Netanyahu followers removed the box with votes without any supervision. And Michael Fuah, Feiglin's #2 caught the head of one union busing in his union members from his government company to go vote for Bibi (he filed police charges).

But was interesting is what one of Bibi's people at one of the stations said.

She said, "They are all liars", referring to all the candidates. A commonly heard refrain.

But Feiglin's man at the station quickly replied, "Maybe you believe the person you voted for is a liar, but those of us voting Feiglin don't think that of Feiglin for even a second."

And isn't that the truth.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe Settler
I vote for JoeSettler! Like your new blog design, however, hope you don't mind a little tip -
You can take a poll on this, but it is easier to read a dark background site when the text is in yellow or pink, and then the 'linked' words would be more recognizable. It is artisticly known that white is usually more glaring and hard to read on a dark background, plus it's difficult to see between the regular and highlighted text.

Couldn't find your email address listed on the page.

PS - I wouldn't vote for any of the candidates. I realize this sounds xtreme, but I think everyone should choose to 'write-in' their choice, and that choice should be
..... "Anyone who would NOT give away any land, who would entice the arabs to move to any other ME country of their choice, and encourage Jews to move into the homes of the exiting arabs."

Ben Bayit said...

I think that Feiglin lied and I was part of his movement at one point in time.

Feiglin was brought into the Likud party by Sharon in order to destroy it from within. He is full of empty slogans. He has consistently supported left-leaning likud candidates within the Likud over right wing and even religious candidates, either as part of sordid political deals or as vengeance because of manhigut yehudit candidates who lost. Feiglin believes in only one thing - Feiglin. He gets a kick out of seeing his picture on the sides of buses.
His ideological writings are brilliant, but his political activities are childish and stupid.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he lied in the previous primaries.

I do think he made some naive mistakes and put together some poor (read: dumb) political deals and was taken advantage of by the more experienced operators. As a result, he lost support of some of his top people because of those choices, but I believe it is clear he has since learned from those mistakes, as those top people that left have returned.

“Fool me once…” - I don’t think he will be fooled twice.

Why don't you give him a call and discuss it with him? I am sure he would want to hear what you have to say.

Ben Bayit said...

THe top "people" (it's more likely person - MK) returned because they alos liked having their name up on the ballot and Feiglin was the only way for them to do that.

I don't believe they were naive mistakes. Feiglin supported secular ashkenazi left-leaning candidates over sefardi religious right-leaning candidates. Racism may have also had something to do with it - on top of what I wrote earlier.

Everything Feglin says about the National Religious Leadership is correct. Everything he says about Bibi is correct. But he is vain, naive and on an ego trip. He really truly feels that there is no one else who can run instead of him.

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