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Friday, August 31, 2007
There’s nothing more dangerous than those settlers that live deep in the West Bank. You know the ones that live far away from everyone and the big cities. The radical settlements. Places like Tekoa and Nokdim.

Small problem.

As of today, those settlements are no longer deep in the West Bank, except in the mind of CNN.

After over 20 years of waiting, the new/old highway finally opened – and JoeSettler was there.

To begin with, the ride from Tekoa to Har Homa (which is in Jerusalem) gate-to-door takes less than 10 minutes. I was driving slow, so it may actually be as little as 8 minutes.

Can you imagine that?

Tekoa, constantly described as a radical settlement deep in the West Bank is less than a 10 minute drive from Jerusalem.

Still, it’s not without its peril.

First you have to drive by Herodian (you can see Herodian’s grave from the highway, it’s covered with a big blue tarp), so don't get distracted.

Then you get to the traffic circle. This is where it gets confusing. To the right is Herodian, Behind you, Tekoa, Nokdim, and all the rest, what remains are 2 other roads with big red warning signs telling you that you are about to enter Area A (which is under enemy occupation) and it is forbidden and dangerous to go this way.

Ignore it. Keep going straight, right past that sign. Drive another 8 minutes on this highway.

Say hello to the soldiers operating the check post, and boom see the Haftziba tower at the edge of Har Homa.

At this point it’s left for Har Homa or right for Derech Hevron.

"Deep" in the West Bank. Feh.


yitz said...

Yeah, it's really a great road, but someone forgot to tell the "authorities" to put some SIGNS up!!! I mean, really, a "brand-new" road, with absolutely NO INDICATION as to where you are, where you came from, or where you are going. Come to think of it, sounds like the govt!

yitz said...

And thanks for mentioning those forboding "Area A" signs. I really thought I was on the wrong road for a minute, & was in danger of being lynched [no joke!!!]. Whew!!!
I took the road on Friday FROM Tekoa to Jerusalem. On the way to Tekoa, I also tried to find it from the Har Choma side, but as mentioned, there's absolutely NO SIGNS to tell you where it is!

Anonymous said...

We stopped at the bottom of Herodian to take pictures of the lower palace.

We got some pretty angry stares from the passing Arab cars.

Their problem.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great... and very convenient for people from J'lem who want to come visit Herodian and swim in the Tekoa pool (a LOT cheaper than those in the Holy City).

One question: You wrote that when traveling from Tekoa to Jerusalem, at the traffic circle, there are 2 roads with those ominous red signs -- which one do you take to get to J'lem? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This picture is actually of the road one you probably don't want to go on.

When going from Tekoa to Jerusalem...

You enter the traffic circle (going counter-clockwise). The first exit is to Herodian- you'll know that by the big mountain and destroyed lower palace), the second exit is to Jerusalem. The third exit is not where you want to go.

That is, if I remember correctly.

Ben Bayit said...

How far is it from the traffic circle to the Elmhurst gas tanks?

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