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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Ynet (!) has an interesting op-ed on Yuli Tamir (our radical Minister of Education) and her personal war to divest Israel of any traces of Zionism and Judaism. Hily Tropper dissects Yuli Tamir’s actions against teaching Jewish studies in the classroom, and how she (not even thinly) hides it under the guise of “professional” decision-making.

From cutting Jewish studies classes, teaching the Naqba (my addition), and now preventing religious National Service girls from assisting in classrooms (and teaching Zionism and Jewish Identity (gasp)) despite the desire of the school, principals, and parents to have them there.

I have a friend who used to teach in a mixed religious-non religious school.

He used to get phone calls from the non religious parents thanking him that their children know a little more about their history, culture and identity.

He didn’t try to brainwash anybody, but by the end of the year his students knew more than their parents about why they were in Israel, and the history of the modern state. And the parents were proud that their kids were proud Israelis and proud Jews because of it.

Something they weren’t able to teach them at home, despite it apparently being important to them.

Tamir wants to divest Israel of its identity. It’s time Israel was divested from Tamir.


Daniel said...

Doesn't yerida dilute the power of JINO's like Tamir?

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