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Sunday, July 30, 2006

If there’s anything terrorist organizations like more than hiding behind different names for the pseudo-anonymity of their patrons (as if we didn’t know who they were), it is hiding behind civilians as they launch their attacks.

Hundreds of missiles have been launched out of Kfar Kana. Hundred of missiles striking Jewish towns, causing injuries, damage, and deaths.

Hizbollah thought they could hide behind the baby carriages of Kfar Kana and be granted invulnerability from Israeli retribution and defense.

On one hand, the deaths of the foreign civilians that Hizbollah directly caused by using them as human shields is a shame, but there comes a point when our own lives must come before those of an enemy state, as missiles from the enemy state rain down upon our civilians.

Israel cannot stand by and let Hizbollah hide behind (or in) women’s skirts while they continue to murder our citizens. Is our blood redder than theirs? I’d rather not have my blood spilt to find out.

It’s time the rules of the game are recognized for what they should be.

If Hizbollah chooses to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity by using civilians as human shields for their acts of terror, then Israel is not responsible for any results that may occur in defending ourselves. If Lebanon chooses to keep its border open with Syria to keep resupplying Hizbollah then they are just as complicit as Hizbollah.

The Lebanese government and the Lebanese people need to decide if they want Hizbollah and thereby be complicit partners in their terror, or if they don’t – and then act accordingly.

Their first act must be the return of our kidnapped soldiers and the total destruction of Hizbollah.

Nothing less.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Very powerful statement........Excellent cartoon.........a picture is sure worth a thousand words sometimes........
Simply stated: KILL OR BE KILLED.......I don't think there are many choices to make at this point.


Anonymous said...

The death of these people was not committed by Hisbollah, but by the IDF, you should at least take responsiblity for your actions and not use everything excuse and use Hisbollah. The only thing you are achieving with this war is that more and more arabic people dislikes you more and more and will support Hisbollah, you can see this in every other conflict around the world in the last years. You are destroying the weapons and some radicalists, but you support the whole hisbollah idea better than they could have done it themselves. How would you actwhen someone bombs you back to the stone age and kills a lot of your own people, especially innocent children ? You would do everything to stop it and i find your comments very lousy.

JoeSettler said...

Funny. I don't really care if 'more and more' Arabic people don't like us. Most apparently don't already, so a few more are irrelevant.

Speaking of irrelevant, that is what the Arabic people are going to be if you don't abandon your primitive barbaric religion of Islamic Fundamentalism.

Personally, if you hate us so much, I would recommend you boycott all Israeli made products in your country. That would include your Intel computer chips, generic medicines, agricultural crop equipment, and not to mention a lot of your fruits and vegetables.

Maybe if your countries didn't choose to be so primitive and barbaric and didn't waste all their money on weapon systems they could offer something of positive value back to the world community besides your religion of death.

The deaths of these people were caused by those that tried to use them as human shields. That would be the arabic people's hizbollah.

Since you are unaware, the Arabic people in Kfar Kana (cowardly hiding behind women and children) were shooting missiles at the children in Israel, even barbarically hitting hospitals in Israel.

As for your comment, I couldn't really care less.

JoeSettler said...

Pictures of a Jewish hospital hit by the Hizbollah primitive barbarians.

Anonymous said...

Your children will be "innocent" when they no longer drink the bloody religion of Islam with their milk. Not all Jews are so liberally blind as you might hope.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, aren't you aware that leaflets were dropped asking ALL the people to leave that area because it was being used to fire rockets into israel and therefore would become a legitimate military target?

Do you realistically expect Jews to commit suicide by not responding to your rockets and suicide bombers?

In response to your statement about more and more arab people will dislike us as a result of this war, please name ONE (1) arab who doesn't want Israel obliterated.....and just one arab (name please) who ever liked Israel to begin with.

You are not being honest with yourself & obviously not very introspective..

Bottom line - the arab/moslem people could probably win the medal for WORLD'S BEST LIARS...That's about all you have contributed and perpetuated in this world.


JoeSettler said...

An Israeli missile sends the Shahid Nasrallah to heaven (it’s a joke so go along for a second). Nasrallah reaches the gates and the angel says to him we have here what you’ve been waiting for behind this door.

Nasrallah excitedly exclaims, “My 70 virgins!”

Nasrallah walks in and suddenly…

…he finds himself being mercilessly being beaten by Sam Houston, Patrick Henry, Nathaniel Bacon, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, James Monroe, and 63 more gentlemen.

Nasrallah runs out of the room screaming, “What’s going on? Where are my virgins?”

The angel says, “Virgins? No. You misunderstood, 70 Virginians.”

JoeSettler said...

Joseph Farah for one.

You have to differentiate between the Islamic Fundamentalists and the ones human beings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe for enlightening me. Always open to reason.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JoeSettler said...

Oh I did quite a few tours in Lebanon and killed more than my share of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists.

And now loser, your comment gets deleted.

bluke said...

The IAF has said that it is not sure how the building collapsed as it attakced the building around 12:30AM and it didn't collapse until 8:00AM. See What happened in Kfar Kana (as of 8PM IDT 7/30)? for more information.

JoeSettler said...

That's right, and it raises quite a number of interesting questions:

Such as what explosives were Hizbollah storing in that building that went off at 8am?

Or did Hizbollah simply murder their own people to lay blame on Israel (just like when the Gazan's landmines went off and killed the family, or the Kassam went off in the Gazan living room and killed the family, or... you get the point).

Anonymous said...

I understand that the IDF now has video that there were rocket launchers on civilian buildings in Qana.

My thoughts and prayers are with Israel. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

so in your eyes every arabic is a fundamentalist ? You perhaps should take a look at this page to find some arabic people who want to live in peace with you:, though i am convinced that this is not changing your opinion about these people a bit. It seems that for you every Muslim is a thug (what kind of world view is this ?) and i am not a Muslim, but a European and catholic. But hey, your country is doing right now everything to support this kind of idea, because these actions will deliver a large flock of new sheeps to the terrorist of Hezbollah. They can preach their culture of hatred to the uneducated in which they are brainwashed to a level where their only solution in life becomes to kill themselves and kill others in the name of a God.
The US tried to fight Al Qaeda this way - by bombing Afghanistan. Is Al Qaeda significantly weaker? They can still bomb cities like London or Madrid. Is Iraq a safer place today with 120.000 soldiers in it ? The war created a large numbers of new fundamentalists and terrorists, they are bombing against the soldiers, each other and so on. I am not sure what you want to achieve ? Destroy Hezbollah ? You are weakening them, no questions asked, but what is, say in five years ? Initially, Arab governments criticized Hezbollah for recklessly provoking a war. Now, opinion across the Arab world has changed. The Arab world is rising up behind behind Hezbollah. The Egyptians lost the Six Day War and here Hezbollah has been fighting for over two weeks and is still in the field. A moral victory if not a real one. Has the number of missiles who are fired across to Israel decreased in the last days ? But hey, you don't need any of these Arabs, right ?
But also in the rest of the world it looks more and more like you use disproportional force against normal people. Hezbollah is using human shields in the symbolic city of Qana, where you killed over 100 innocent people in 1996 and you have nothing to do them a favour and kill another 50 in 2006 ? What kind of great idea is this ?
It is claimed that the residents of Qana were asked to leave. Nonetheless, the roads are unusable; most of those people did not have the means to leave. Also, lets not forget that it is a combat area; thus many people were afraid to flee, as they could risk their live. Would you do it with your family ? Hatred seems to start young on both sides, not just among needy Muslim children. One of today's newspapers has a picture of Israeli children writing messages to Lebanese children on 155mm shells. One reads: "From Israel and Daniele".
You demand that Hizbollah should be disarmed and that the army of Lebanon is sent to the border, the weakest army in the whole region. Well, that's like me asking my six-year-old son to protect our house. I am really not sure, what your government really want to achieve other than looking bad in the world.

Truth said...

europeon said:
...But also in the rest of the world it looks more and more like you use disproportional force against normal people. Hezbollah is using human shields in the symbolic city of Qana, where you killed over 100 innocent people in 1996 and you have nothing to do them a favour and kill another 50 in 2006 ? What kind of great idea is this ?...

I agree totally, europeon, it's a terrible idea, we ought to emulate the syrians, who killed no less than 30,000 dissenters to their regime in the town of Hama, the Jordanian 'moderates' who wiped out 2,000 of their own people in one day due to protests over raising the price of bread, etc.

You do admit, you and your co-europeons would not be the slightest bit more upset if we had killed say, 50,000 enemies in one strike?

As if we need your permission...


Anonymous said...


you are a MORON on this site also!!


european, you don't have too many more years to either figure out who is the enemy or get used to genuflecting 5 times a day in the direction of Mecca.

After being a guard in GITMO let me tell you, that call to prayer will get you ready to kill MUSLIMS almost as fast as their raping your female family members and little boys.

So, tell me, did you enjoy the muzzies beating and killing people all over France for, uhh, why did they have those riots again???



PS: When the Arabian and Muslim MODERATES start helping us KILL ISLAMONAZIS I will personally apologise to them for my low opinion. Until then better start buying weapons, ammo, and armor!!!

JoeSettler said...

so in your eyes every arabic is a fundamentalist
I hardly said that or implied that. I was very specifically referring to Islamic Fundamentalist.

It is you who is assuming that all Moslems are Fundamentalists.
Is there a particular reason whey?

Perhaps you and yours should roll over and die in the face of terrorism.

We in Israel plan to fight back in full force against the Islamic Fundamentalist Terror.

You'll have to excuse that I don't accept your lame excuses. Bluke has posted a link to a video that shows that the roads are quite usable. It shows Hizbollah weapons travelling on the roads in and around Kana and driving into buildings for 'safe' storage.

I don't know if you believe your nonsense, but I assume you do.

I am so glad you don't care about the half million displaced Jews, and our dead and injured.

But hell, as a European you don't care about 6 million dead Jews either.

bluke said...

Unfortunately Olmert has already caved in. The suspension of air strikes for 48 hours is a terrible mistake, and the ceae fire is coming soon afterward. The way things are going this war is going to end up as a resounding defate for Israel.

Anonymous said...

"So, tell me, did you enjoy the muzzies beating and killing people all over France for, uhh, why did they have those riots again???"

No one was killed, there were a lot of cars, that was all, that is happening than there is no hope or future for a lot of people !

"I am so glad you don't care about the half million displaced Jews, and our dead and injured."

Did i implay this or is this a rethoric question ?

"But hell, as a European you don't care about 6 million dead Jews either."

so that is the excuse for anything ? Did someony say this ? You should not use the past when it suits you.

Anonymous said...

Donald Rumsfeld briefed the President this morning. He told Bush that Three Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq. To everyone's amazement, all of the color ran from Bush's face, then he collapsed onto his desk, head in hands, visibly shaken, almost whimpering. Finally, he composed himself and asked Rumsfeld, "Just exactly how many is a brazillion?"

Anonymous said...

Can Jews object to at least the ideal of a truly multicultural state? Is the ideal of people living democratically, and in peace and harmony, not one that we all should strive for? Is opposition to it not 'racist' almost by definition? Is the idea of a Jewish state not in opposition to the West's most modern, enlightened , and forward-looking ideals?

I write 'racist' because that is the racist word used by those who purposely ignore, or perhaps are ignorant of, law and custom concerning membership in the Jewish people; even so, the thrust of the word is correct. Jews on the whole do not accept for Israel, even as an ideal, the vision of a perfect multi-cultural democracy. Even if the whole world became as ideal as Judt imagines it soon becoming, the Jews would continue making extraordinary efforts to remain a people apart, culturally dominant in a state of their very own. Their efforts flow from, and are in support of, that special status they claim as theirs alone. That status is not 'just' in the ordinary sense of the word, and cannot be justified by ordinary criteria. Justification must transcend ordinary criteria--as does that of being divinely chosen.

A substantial number of Jews ardently subscribe to the ideals put forward in Judt's paper--so much so that they would risk their lives following his solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. These people cannot be simply dismissed as self-hating Jews. Indeed, they take special pride in the fact that these ideals are clearly stamped with Jewish morality, and feel that their stand expresses the very essence of their culture.

They are not anti-Semitic, but they are anti-Juditic. For along with their special pride, they are embarrassed and repelled by what they perceive as their tribe's archaic, outmoded, superstitious, arrogant, and 'racist', belief in its divine election. As a consequence, in their hearts there is no truly just or otherwise compelling reason--one which transcends considerations of amity, brotherly love, good-will to all, et cetera, or reverence for martyrs, past and present, let alone mere pride and sentiment--for their tribe to survive

Anonymous said...

In response to Dearall -
Perhaps Judt could focus his ardent beliefs on the Vatican - a SEPARATE STATE WITHIN THE STATE OF ITALY. I don't hear anyone raising their voices asking that the Vatican become one with Italy. Racist???

Anonymous said...

Love those Islamonazi's who blame the IDF for the killing. Like Israel likes wasting bombs and piolots on harmless civilians. At least Israel uses guidance systems, Hisbollah fires rockets and hopes to hit cities. They swear to kill all Jews and are crying when you belive them and fight back. I'm not a Jew but a Christian American and support you 100%.

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