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Sunday, July 09, 2006
Two comments I read last week really struck me, unfortunately I can’t find the source at the moment, but it was probably in Haaretz or YNET.

The first was that Israel has a problem in Gaza because we don’t have an enemy like Nasrallah running the show with his finger on the trigger like we do with Hizbollah in Lebanon – because Nasrallah is a very responsible enemy.

The second comment was that our (government and IDF) leadership were surprised by the outbreak of events in Gaza after the disengagement. They thought things would follow the Lebanon model. Once we left Lebanon, Gaza broke out and (they claim) Lebanon was on a back burner. They expected that after we left Gaza, Gaza would go on a back burner, and the war in Judea & Samaria would break out!

What sick, demented thinking.

First of all, it is so typically Israeli with their short-term memory problems, that they already forgot the IDF soldiers kidnapped and murdered in Lebanon, the multiple attacks on the IDF positions (one time saved solely by a brave Hesder yeshiva boy), the Hizbollah UAV flights over Israel, the missiles launched into the Gallil, the multiple infiltration attempts, and so on.

But Israeli’s don’t count or remember failed attempts (where only a few people get killed), only successful results (lot of dead bodies) and only for a short period of time, and so as long as the IDF mostly foils the attacks, or the incident in question is over, well, then it never happened.

So I’ve learned not to expect more.

But it is the second statement that bothers me a bit more (though it shouldn’t at this point).

The article said that the Israeli leadership expected violence to break out in Judea & Samaria after (and as a result of) the Gaza deportation.

Did you catch that?

They expected it to happen as a result. They’re not hiding it. They expected it. Dare I say, even hoped for it, to give them an excuse for more deportations?

As a result they were bit on the gluteus maximum when they couldn’t forsee that Gaza would exactly follow the Lebanon model, and kidnappings would happen, and missiles would be launched, and infiltrations would be attempted, and terrorism would ensue.

But that’s only because they forgot that it continued from Lebanon with Nasrallah.


Anonymous said...


How come after I read your BLOG I want to run back to America?


Ben Bayit said...

My blogging associate, BarKochba132, argues that the Israeli regime NEEDS terror to comtrol the population. It's a cornerstone to their policy of leaving an elite minority in control of the country.

I haven't quite come around to his POV yet - but you're giving me food for thought here.

JoeSettler said...

You have a very good point, and I've been thinking about it too. It has been bothering me too.

A lot on this blog has been negative (and getting worse) because the Left have been sticking us into ever worse situations.

I want to start writing about the positive aspects of living in Israel and particularly in settlements.

I've also been thinking about posting some of my daily discussions with my Arab neighbors who are currently building my new home. The discussion they most like to have are about "how good America is?", "how much money could they make there?", and "where is the biggest Moslem community they should move to?"

Unfortunately, while they have big (but doable) dreams, almost no one in the Jewish state is organized (or padded) enough to help them achieve it (there are a few private foundations that I've mentioned in the past, but they don't have enough cash for everyone).

It's time to start a new program, "Nefesh l'Nefesh".

It would be cheaper to fund than another disengagement.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, if you do get some of your Arab neighbors onto a Nefesh l'Nefesh program to Chu"l, d'ya think you can convince them to take a passle of leftist Israelis with them?

(Hey, I can dream too!)


Criscoluv said...

Ben Bayit said...

"My blogging associate, BarKochba132, argues that the Israeli regime NEEDS terror to comtrol the population. It's a cornerstone to their policy of leaving an elite minority in control of the country."

What do you think the United States does!? The Israeli regime has adopted the United State government's tactics as a working model. Here(in the U.S.) we have too willingly surrendered our freedoms for "safety"; we will have neither! The patriot act only allows the Government to rail-road the innocent and allow the elite to become more powerful by gathering information that allows them to further "control" the masses. At some point the United States Citizens have to wake up and ask "why are we TRUELY hated by other countries so much?" and "why are we really at war with these other countries?" and "what does big business have to gain out of this" and finally "who has gained financially from these wars and how are they tied into our government?".
Joe, I found your blog while doing a google search for more information as to what is going on over there. I still don't understand and would like some insight or direction to truely understand what started this conflict and why it persists. It seems to me that the citizens of most countries understand that we are all just people trying to make it in this world and it's our governments that are ruled by the rich and greedy that make us all suffer.
Please email me @ with any information that can direct me to answering my questions as to what initially started this War and it's history in full.

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