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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Honenu is an organization that provides free legal council to Jews of the Right persuasion – specifically those who are persecuted by the government for their beliefs and ideology.

They do an excellent job of getting innocent people out of ‘administrative detentions’, essentially arrest based on ‘secret’ evidence that the arrestee can’t defend himself against.

They do such a great job that the government has decided to start putting the breaks on their activities.

Ariel Gruner from Yitzhar heads the Honenu organization.

Today the government placed him in administrative detention based on secret evidence that he is a threat to the general public and security forces.

I bet he is. Gruner is a successful civil rights activist against government brutality and abuse of right-wingers and our rights. That’s about as dangerous as you can get to a regime like Olmert’s.

Unfortunately, while we all know why Gruner was really arrested, but as the information is ‘secret’ he can’t defend himself in front of judge, so now he sits in jail without charges for at least 3 months.

"We have here an order without a legal process, without proof, without evidence," said Itamar Ben Gvir, settler activist, told Army Radio. "Amir Peretz is behaving like a dictator."

"His arrest crosses the red line," Gvir said. "It is not clear why the champions of human rights and democracy are being silent now."

Baruch Marzel said that left-wing civil rights activists should be very worried (I disagree, they don’t need to worry at all – yet). But could it be despite their claims to liberalism, free speech, and civil rights for all, they actually only demand it for those that think like them? (Oh come on, we already all know the answer to that).

Sources: Ha'aretz Arutz-7 Ynet


bar_kochba132 said...

Repeat after me 100 times:

It is time to stop pretending that
it is. I know this upsets the image we had from childhood of Israel being like in the movie Exodus, but it isn't. The existing political system was founded by people who were Marxists and a signficant minority were Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist. For these people, being in power is the goal...all other things such as security of the state and its citizens are secondary. Don't forget that it was Henry Kissinger (someone who, had he not been a Yekke, would have thrived in the Israeli system, being a master of intrigue, secrecy and Jewish self-hatred) who said "Israel has no foreign policy, only domestic policy"..meaning that the security policy and relations with the surrounding, hostile Arab nations are subordinate to the needs of the regime in power. Once we understand these things, we can understand why they use police-state tactics to lock up dissenters without charges. And we just sit and take it....some
"stiff-necked" people...more like a herd of sheep!

tafka PP said...


Gruner's arrest and the secrecy surrounding it are indeed very disturbing.

But with regards to your last question, you are forgetting the considerable and prolific efforts of ACRI and other Israeli HR organizations to defend and protect the civil rights of Mefunei Gush Katif last year. What you say about only campaigning on behalf of those who concur with what you call "leftist" beliefs is simply not true.

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