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Thursday, July 27, 2006
Why are our soldiers dying in Bint Jubeil?

While certain sectors would like to tell you that we have given the IDF a free hand – that unfortunately is a lie.

Yesterday we witnessed a repeat of Jenin, again resulting in the needless deaths of some of our outstanding young men.

The corrupt value system of the Left is still holding the IDF and our country shackled.

The majority of the civilians have long left Bint Jubeil. Yet instead of Halutz dropping some of his infamous (‘bump under the wing”) 1 ton bombs on the town (among other weapons), we are foolishly rush in our ground troops as cannon fodder.

Instead of spending a few weeks clearing out the ground ahead of us with air support, we are prematurely accelerating our ground troop deployments to avoid the externally demanded deadlines and ceasefires that we will voluntarily choose to accept being imposed on us.

For once I want to see Israel throw away the left’s distorted value system and put the lives of our own soldiers first.

For once I want to see Israel say we will not accept your deadlines and ceasefires that attempt to maintain the status quo – a status quo that is openly detrimental to Israel and merely invites more of the same.

It's time that Israel dumped the Left and their damaged value system. If the Left wants to protest the war against Hizbollah, let them go to Nahariyah and do so, and let’s make sure no one lets them into any bunkers when the missiles begin to fall.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Joe.
There’s a betting pool going down. Will Sharon die on the anniversary of his disengagement, the day before or the day after?

Anonymous said...

You too?

We are also have a pool.


Rafi G. said...

that's a great pool. what are the odds given?
I have been looking for an online betting site that lets you bet on when Nasrallah will be killed (and other types of similar bets). I have not yet found it though I have heard rumors that such a site exists.. I guess this would be something to bet on as well...

Joe - preachign to the choir again? I am singing along!

Anonymous said...

I think you are telling it as it is - accurately. Because of such I think you should also be posting these statements in the newspapers to try to reach a greater mass.
What's your say?

Anonymous said...

Rafi g, for legal reason no gambling web sites will officially take bets on when individuals will die. But unofficialy individual bookies will take such bets.

Anonymous said...

ThIS IS THE jOE settler I know.
Aren't our soldiers lives important?Is hezbollah warning us before their rockets?
We are suicidal.'Haba lehorgecha HASHKEM vehorgo.'

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