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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Some observations I’ve made that really aren’t going anywhere in this post.

Rather strange how much internal dissent there is these days. Sometimes a goal is clear and the path follows naturally, but sometimes the goal isn’t clear, but the path still is, or sometimes the goal is clear but the path isn't. Sometimes though you simply don’t which path will be more effective or less dangerous.

The Arabs, for instance, are just full of dissent.

They’re at war with everybody and everyone, in one way or another is at war with them.

But even internally they have dissent. Their most common disagreement being which is the best way to destroy Israel.

Even getting Hamas and Fatah to agree on the Prisoner’s document to plot a united strategy on how to destroy Israel led to further dissent.

And then we have the dissent within Hamas - two different sets of Hamas leaders striving to control the government and the strategy.

And all this of course leads us back to Israel.

Leaving out the Leftists not in the government (whether they want to be hurting the settlers, the religious, or the religion depends on which sect of secular they belong to), we have Olmert and Peretz openly fighting on how little to do in Gaza, and then we have the Security Forces openly disagreeing with Olmert and Peretz in that they (the security forces) want to do a lot more than either will let - never was there so open a disagreement as we have now.

We even have the IDF blowing up Palestinian electric power stations and then afterwards Olmert and Peretz promising to hook the Palestinians up (even further) directly to the Israeli grid - immediately (and obviously for free).

Unfortunately in the Orange Camp we have our dissenters too (but some of them seem to be being instigated from outside sources).

Ignoring the hypocritical (openly left) leftists that actually live in settlements (yes we have a few of those, and it is rather bizarre to hear someone openly advocating that not only is he is an occupier but he should be kicked out of his own home – I kid you not), you can’t go to shul on Shabbat without seeing the ideological war going on.

Someone (the government?) has been funding huge sums of money so certain “mamlachti” rabbis can publish these fancy, full size, glossy brochures and booklets they put out every week. Brochures that call for the settler population to remain passive, submissive and smiling(!) in the face of the destruction of their homes!

And finally now the Merkaz HaRav (and other) G’dolim have begunn to directly fight back against this subservient, compliant, yielding attitude that the government is trying to brainwash into the population through certain rabbis, and has started coming out in full force with their own flyers and booklets.

Ben Bayit alludes to it in his various posts.

But as one certain, very well known Mekaz HaRav Rabbi said, “Enough with the love, enough with the smiles, it’s time to be victorious”. – Amen!


Anonymous said...

Someone advocating that he should be kicked out of his own home?! Astounding, the depths of the insanity that's roaming the Land, isn't it?

I guess the only real question re such individuals is whether they're hypocritical or simply masochistic.


JoeSettler said...

Simply strange.

I met a leftist last year that lives in Maaleh Adumim, and she decided that she is not living on occupied territory because the State of Israel decided to annex it.

Anonymous said...

As the Arab spit on the Israeli.The Israeli asked 'did it just begin to rain.Let me buy you an umbrella.'

Anonymous said...

which rav from merkaz harav said that????

Mad Zionist said...

At least the islamic vermin are united in one thing: they want Israel destroyed and the Jews exterminated.

The Jews, however, can't decide what they want to do about the moslems: a bi-national state of Arabs and Jews; a compromise of two states that has one mixed with arabs and Jews and the other Judenrein, a true Jewish State with only Zionists allowed; a never ending series of negotiations that continuously give up land inch by inch; an Arab Land with Jews permitted to live according to the laws of dhimmitude, etc.,etc...

There is only two possible answers that will ever bring peace, of course: 1. A Jewish State from the River to the Sea with all the vermin sent packing, or, 2. An Arab state with a lot of dead Jews in the sea.

The choice clearly seems to be obvious for Jews, but who ever said liberals make any sense?

Ben Bayit said...

I think that some people at Matot Arim were the first to point out the prevelance of the new and updated (and expensive) parsha sheets. The new ones include Moetzet Yesha, Bnei Akiva and some others. To be fair the anti-mamlchati crowd also has a new one from Komemiyut. Probably b/c the other ones simply won't publish Rav Avraham Shapira anymore. Every so often the "mamlachti" ones will have an attacking piece, though the piece from Rav Zini in last week's Maayanei Hayeshua seems to be the exception rather than the norm.

The "internal dissent" will take a a long time to play itself out. Personally I think it's healthy. All the voices that claim Religious Zionism was one bloc and we need to preserve this unity by everyone going to the same schools b/c we all wave Blue & White and grill hotdogs on Yom Haatzmaut, are ridiculous. There are certain public figures within Religious Zionism that make me feel as if I would rather send my kids to the Satmar school system rather than have them taught by these rabbis (or their students).

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