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Monday, July 31, 2006
As the hypocrites of the world unite to provide financial aid for Lebanon, not a single one of those international world bodies (with certain notable exceptions) has mentioned aid for the real victims of these dastardly attacks – Israel.

As more than 500,000 Jews are refugees from their homes, seeking sanctuary in bomb shelters, at friends, relatives, and even strangers; as businesses are destroyed, buildings destroyed, cars destroyed, Jews murdered and wounded – by Islamic Fundamentalist missiles, I haven’t heard the UN say anything about aiding Israel, I haven’t heard any of the world bodies say anything about providing aid to Israel.

As Kassams fall on Sderot injuring and killing I don't hear the UN talk about aid to the victims.

In fact, it was only when Israel began to hit back did the world suddenly remember the word “cease-fire”.

The truth is, keep your aid, and keep your cease-fires.

In the end, we Jews are keeping the mitzvah of supporting our own and don’t want or need to share it with you. We are raising our own funds to support the victims of Islamic Fundamentalism and World Hypocrisy. We are providing shelter for our own in our own homes.

You busybodies who hate Israel are so irrelevant to our existence and success. You tried to kill us or simply look away (just like now) during the Holocaust - your values and morals are less than meaningless.

Israel is the Nation that stands alone. You’ve proved that. And we’re all the better for it.


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