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Sunday, July 09, 2006
Residents of Judea, Samaria, and formerly Gaza have the longest lifespan of all residents of all Israeli cities (80.6 years – ~250,000 residents) except Ramat Gan (80.7 years – ~125,000 residents).

It's good to live in Yesh(a). It's expensive to live in Ramat Gan.

...Jameel says it's a mitzva too (to extend your life).


Anonymous said...

It's funny, Joe, that the Hebrew ynet version of the article has Ra'anana in first place (83.7) years, Givatayim in second place (81.1) years, and Ramat Gan is only in third place.
Whoever translated the article must have skipped the first paragraph.

I don't have the link to the article, but I did e-mail the text to a relative in Ra'anana (in case you would like to see it).

JoeSettler said...

Actually that makes sense. Here's the link.

Ra'anana is the Israeli Florida. All the Americans who retire (that are Zionist) move to Ra'anana, and I guess they live longer or they're coming at a later age in better health.

Strange though. Unless I missed it, the Hebrew version of the article doesn't discuss the Settlements.

Anonymous said...

This would be an interesting case study for a journalism major at HebrewU. One of my professors once confessed that a favored hobby of his is comparing the translations of scholarly articles (from Hebrew to English, or vice versa) for secondary insertions or omissions.

The question here is how one would read into the lack of mention of settlements in the Hebrew version.

Ezzie said...

Hey - what happened to my comment?

I always thought B'Nei Brak actually was higher than anywhere else...

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