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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
For the first time since the expulsion, Ehud Olmert has finally visited the town of S’derot, the recipients of Arab offerings since Sharon and Olmert decided to give away the house.

Fortunately for Ehud though, he doesn’t actually have to live in S’derot, and he doesn’t need to risk his life day in and day out or even for an hour.

Unlike what he expects from the residents of S’derot, Olmert is not willing to put his own life in superfluous danger so…

Ehud Olmert snuck into S’derot and Ehud Olmert snuck out of Sderot.

Talk about cowardly leadership, though the real question is, was Olmert more afraid of the Arabs finding out he was there or the abused citizens of S'derot?

But can you imagine that despite the IDF positioned inside Gaza, Olmert is still afraid to openly go to S’derot, as they might shoot some Shmassams at him while he is there?

What is Olmert saying about his trust in the IDF, or in the actual mission he gave the IDF to fulfill (which wasn't to stop Kassams)?

Obviously, not much, because the Arabs happened to shoot a Kassam into the Negev while Olmert happened to be there.

But then again they shoot there without fear all the time, so that’s nothing new.


Anonymous said...

next year olmert may sneak into ashkelon.

Truth said...

Next year is today, bretheren and sisters...


hashfanatic said...

Is it true that Peretz's house got hit, and he was, uh, nowhere to be found?

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