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Thursday, July 13, 2006
The Leftist policies of the Israeli governments over the past few years have crippled our ability to properly anticipate and fight the battles in front of us.

There is no doubt that the IDF will in the end stand to the challenge, but it will only be after it scours away the mental morass and muddle that it’s been poisoned with.

If case you haven’t noticed, the Left are now trying to excuse themselves from any and all recriminations that they so whole-heartedly deserve.

Their new claim is that they all knew that war (or unquiet at least) would happen (sic), but you have to understand that continuously running away and hurting our own civilians and hiding behind an imaginary wall would place us in a better position to fight back.

(Well, if they believed it might bring war or “unquiet”, then why didn’t they prepare for it and why didn’t they react against it at any point before it became totally inexcusable?)

Obviously, when straddled with their perverted moral value system and distorted world outlook, they actually believe their revisionism – but seriously, let’s get real.

In order to win this war, Israel will need to fight an active war on 5 fronts:

  1. Gaza

  2. Lebanon

  3. Syria (potentially)

  4. West Bank (as opposed to Judea & Samaria whom Olmert would prefer to be fighting)

  5. Leftist ideology

But without destroying fifth, any progress on the other 4 fronts is simply doomed to failure.


yitz said...

[5] Leftist ideology - But without destroying fifth, any progress on the other 4 fronts is simply doomed to failure.

Amen, kein yehi Ratzon!

JoeSettler said...

Anti-Semites and your self-reflecting Nazi remarks aren't welcome here. Do not come back.

Mad Zionist said...

Joe, as far as I can tell he was just reciting the congregations response "so may it be" from the Birkat Kohanim we do in the diaspara. Not sure what you mean by "Nazi remarks"?

Truth said...


Some dreg of a wench from australia left some nasty nazi remark, which Joe obviously deleted; he wasn't talking about yitz.


Mad Zionist said...

Thanks for the explanation, Truth.

Truth said...

Eyewitness report from arab-occupied 'east' Jerusalem:

Every rag village of enemy scum as far as the eye can see is celebrating the 'holiday' with fireworks. Is that on CNN yet?


Ezzie said...

So perfectly put.

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