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Monday, July 10, 2006
Some of the sicko Leftists have been wishing for a Nasrallah in Gaza, and wonder why the war didn’t move full steam to Judea & Samaria and Gaza didn’t quiet down.

(I’m obviously ignoring the two Kassam missile launches on Friday from Samaria that happened to fail, and all the attempted and minor kidnappings and murders - as from a Leftist point of view they never really happened).

Obviously we know that having settlements and IDF forces in Judea & Samaria keeps the Arab terror attempts to a minimum in those areas, but it doesn’t help the Leftists understand what went wrong with all the theories he is continuously risking our lives for.

Obviously we will have to ignore the continued attacks from Lebanon to explain this theory, but suspension of disbelief is certainly something they are good at.

The question is, why did Gaza not quiet down like Lebanon (supposedly) did after Israel ran away?

Well, the answer is actually quite straight forward. Hizbollah achieved 90% of their stated military goal, while the Palestinian Authority have only achieved around 5% of their stated military goal.

It comes down to this. The Palestinians both say and see all of Eretz Yisrael (and "Ever l'Yarden" too) as Palestine.

Just because they managed to have us expelled from one part of Palestine, does not mean they see the game as having ended.

For them, all of Palestine is one contiguous unit, and as long as they don't also rule in Tel Aviv and Haifa where they ran away from in '48, the Occupation will simply not have ended.

That is the major difference between Hizbollah and the PA.

Hizbollah essentially achieved their stated goal of kicking Israel out from Lebanon, and therefore they can take a respite from fighting.

The PA on the other hand, has only had the initial taste of victory and it's left them hungry for the rest of the meal.

And that is why the Left can't understand why we are still fighting in Gaza - because they can't accept the Palestinian's stated goals at face value.


JoeSettler said...

Also unlike "Palestine", Lebanon is a semi-autnomous State with very little actual internal interest in Palestinian affairs, so Hizbollah has to play a political game to not overly upset the Lebanese against Hizbollah in their attacks on us, so they prefer to keep the attacks just under what would normally cause an Israeli reaction against Lebanon (which is a level of attacks still much higher than any normal nation would accept from a neighboring state).

Anonymous said...

'can't accept the Palestinian's stated goals.'
It is called 'psychotic denial'.
They are out of touch with reality.Great post to the point.

hashfanatic said...

That's what you're not getting.

There ARE no victors at this point.

JoeSettler said...

Do you remember that scene in Shawshank Redemption when Andy asks the warden, "how can you be so obtuse?"

Oleh Yahshan said...

am I the only one seeign the site a little screwed up??? it looks like there is something wrong with your template (or my browser.

JoeSettler said...

It's fallen and can't get up!

JoeSettler said...

All fixed. Just playing with CSS tags.

Oleh Yahshan said...

looks "Normal" now...

Truth said...

Hey Joe,

EH, what was that about nassralla, Hizballa, Lebanon?

Plenty of peace-n-quiet up north, yes indeed... a real model - oh wait, I think I just got a tzav-shmoneh, gotta go and find out whether it was for Gaza or Lebanon...


Mad Zionist said...

Netanyahu is a joke. Nobody on the right considers him to be a viable rightwing candidate. He's an opportunistic, amoral, power and celebrity seeking sleaze who stands for nothing but himself.

JoeSettler said...

Obviously we will have to ignore the continued attacks from Lebanon to explain this theory, but suspension of disbelief is certainly something they are good at.

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