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Monday, July 10, 2006
In my effort to achieve a more positive tone in my blog (for Mike), I decided to not write about Netanyahu shifting into the position of the radical Left by declaring that he would accept a contiguous demilitarized (well, the Left don’t call for that) Palestinian state and that settlements would be removed.

Honestly, what was that big scene he made last year? Did he think it would win him votes or assuage his conscious?

If I were writing about it, I would ask him to explain the difference between his position and Yossi Beilin’s, and even after his explanation, I would find it difficult to see the difference.

So while Netanyahu does his best to prove he isn’t a Right-wing leader “extreme Right-winger”, I will write about something positive.

I will write about something positive.

I will write about something positive.

Oh, of course.

My work at expanding the settlement enterprise, despite the efforts of Leftists agents supported by foreign governments, is going forward quite well. (Sometimes they visit on Shabbat to take pictures).

Please G/d in the coming days (or weeks) we will be moving into our new home as we help significantly expand our illegal settlement with tens of families in the coming months.


JoeSettler said...

Nor will I write about how despite completely failing in Gaza to achieve any of his minimal goals (neither from disengagement nor in his all holds barred mini-war), Olmert stated that he will implement his Resignation plan as soon as possible.

bar_kochba132 said...

I just heard Elyakim Ha'eztni over the telephone on Arutz 7 (I always try to hear his and Nadia Matar's broadcasts), and he said what you are doing is the best thing..building up YESHA. The Nefesh-be-Nefesh success in bringing North American olim this year is also very important.
I must say that it is very encouraging to see that people are still coming in spite of the fact that it seems that the regime in power in Israel is doing its darndest to dismantle the state. In spite of the all the bad news, it is important to realize that under the surface, many important things are happening that will strengthen Israel, the Jewish people, and YESHA and the Zionist/Religious camp in spite of the unrelenting attacks from the media, the Establisment and others.

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