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Saturday, July 15, 2006
While Yesh Gvul, Women in Black and others crazy Leftists were protesting our soldiers fighting back I had some interesting discussions in shul this Shabbos.

I spoke with a number of friends and they were telling me that they spent the day calling up their reserve units to get them up into the fight. One of my friends was actually from the platoon that got attacked, and he had finished his reserve duty just a few days earlier.

I honestly have no desire to be left-wing cannon fodder, so I asked them why they are willing to volunteer for the extra duty.

The answers surprised me.

They spoke of responsibility to the country, of protecting the nation, and of killing Arab terrorists – despite how the Left directly propelled us into this situation, while betraying us and hurting us personally. They didn’t want to leave the defense of the country (while we are defending it for a change) in the hands of the ‘Yifeh Nefesh’.

I can understand all those sentiments, and have some thinking to do before I make any phone calls - meanwhile I'm busy protecting my Yishuv, my neighbors may be thinking of taking their celebrations to the next level.


Oleh Yahshan said...

Don't let a couple of hundred idiots in Tel Aviv dictate the way you think.
My parents live in a yeshuv near Karmiel, and they are feeling the pounding from the north - so is everyone in that line northward - that is over 2 million people!
We are here because of those 2 million not the 200 in TA - they can all go to hell (or France) as far as I care. I am not doing it for them - I am doing it for us! Klal Am Yisrael - not the one that הוציעו עצמם מהכלל!!
Shavua Tov.

bar_kochba132 said...

Not having served in ZAHAL (they didn't want me), I am not familiar with the spirit in the army, and I do know that soldiers want to be with their buddies regardless of the political situation, but, on the whole I agree with you. They (the post-Zionist establishment) expect us to be cannon fodder for them, but then they refuse to cooperate or compromise with us politically. Why doesn't Olmert get his draft-dodging son to come back to Israel and fight if all he can do is curse us "right-wing extremists" and continue planning, at the height of this war, to destroy the Jewish communities of YOSH? I think we need to make it clear, in spite of the the somewhat artificial atmosphere of "patriotism"(i.e. rallying around the regime in power) that is being generated in the media, that what is happening is not due to "bad luck" or an eruption of a "natural disaster", but the result of concious decisions make by the irresponsible leaders of Israel, and that the people MUST make it clear that we will not tolerate this gang of post-Zionists who have taken over the state continuing to lead the state of Israel to destruction.

JoeSettler said...

There's 2 points here.

1. The Left put us into this untennable position of being attacked.

2. We (all of us) are being attacked by the enemy.

Perhaps if I knew there would be trials after the war and the those responsible on the left would be duly punished, I would feel better about this.

But alas they are busy denying their responsibility, or claiming we are all equally responsible, or saying that no one is responsbile at all.

Ben Bayit said...

I'm with you Joe - 14-28 days in the brig with 3 square meals a day of loof sure seems better than being cannon fodder for the corrupt gang that stole the country from the Jews and led us into this mess in the first place.

Anonymous said...

You talked in shul?! Tut-tut...

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