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Thursday, July 13, 2006
From my window I have an outstanding view of the Arab villages growing up around me that we settlers have yet gotten around to stealing. Admittedly that also makes my home a great target for their snipers, but I give much better than I get, so they should be worried more than me.

One of the advantages of my position is the entertainment.

All evening I have been watching the most amazing fireworks shows lighting up the entire sky from every direction.

My neighboring Arabs friends are celebrating the missiles strikes on Haifa, Tzfat, and even on the town of one of their own.

Meanwhile a group calling themselves the Gilad Shalhevet Brigades claims to have kidnapped 2 Arabs and plans to release them only if our soldiers our released first.

Personally, I can’t wait till Moshe Feiglin is Prime Minister.


Truth said...

Hey Joe:

I posted that tidbit in the comments to your previous post [comment number 6]...

Can you get some photos of this please? [No camera from my vantage point, darnit]


Anonymous said...

The view from Abu Tor is astounding. We overlook Silwan and can see all the way to Abu Dis.

The fireworks show tonight was also great - theyy were shooting off fireworks every 5 minutes - from all different directions.

Even my next door neighbor shot off fireworks.

At least I know whose side he's on.

tafka PP said...

And you're surprised why?!

Truth said...

tafkapp: And you're surprised why?!

Surprised? Not at all, just admiring the sad, morbid irony of 'humanist' fools like yourself, chasing after your own tail all these years (ie, that 'holy grail of peace'), just like a hyperactive, not-too-intelligent, bored dog - and then you wonder why, just when you caught that tail, you are so disapointed, ne flabbergasted, when all you get is a mouth full of dog gonads (and not even as happy as the dog would be, either). Of course, you idiots probably chalk it up to 'not having gone far enough'...


Anonymous said...

Fireworks were going on for 3-4 hours last night in Ramallah/Kalandiya

westbankmama said...

Wow - and here I thought it was just a wedding by us...until I saw the fireworks were in three different places. Then I realized that it was celebrations.

Milhouse said...

Linked at Neo Warmonger

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