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Sunday, January 15, 2006
Very quick post.

What a surprise!

It seems that Amir Peretz actually (and finally) quit his position as head of the HIstadrut and has given it to Ofer Eini.

Now that's earthshaking news.

And who says miracles don't happen?


Anonymous said...

Quickie (unrelated) question.

I just read a quote in Haaretz, quoting a paper called "Nekuda" it was here:

Specifically though:
Yehuda Etzion, from Ofra proposes "leaving the political system, the un-Jewish [areli, literally, uncircumcised] democratic regime, the pointless culture that prevails here. Not to vote in the Knesset elections and not to run in them ... To come together in the new study house, to be strengthened, for each person to strengthen his brother... and to lead our people to a new covenant, the Covenant of Moriah."


What exactly would be meant by "the Covenant of Moriah"? I assume he would mean the promises made to Avraham, but how exactly does that fit and how is it new?

If you know, please either answer me here or at tbillington (at) sympatico (dot) ca. Thanks so much. Tim

JoeSettler said...

I don't know what he meant. It seems to be out of context, apparently referring to something else he was talking about.

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