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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
The question above is more for the Left than just Peace Now, but Peace Now is just so stereotypical (from Arafat to Abbas) that they beg the question.

The Left just seem to love dictators. Maybe because it makes them feel superior to the suppressed population? Maybe they just like strong men? Who knows.

The latest is that Israel should make peace with the dictator of Syria.

Ignoring that he keeps his country locked up under his paranoid guns, that his citizens disappear for saying the wrong thing, and all his actions in Lebanon (and Iraq), the Left just want a lovefest with Baby Assad.

They want to eat Hummus in Hama (with the survivors).

Their latest idiocy involved hanging Syrian flags along the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway.

How about they start protesting for Human Rights in Syria first?

How about they demand that all Syrian political prisoners be released?

How about they demand that Syria leaves Lebanon?

How about they demand democracy for Syria?

But no, they only demand that Israel give up the Golan, so that Israel finds itself with less defensible borders and reliant on the whims of our Northern despot who is busy destroying Syria, running guns for Iran, and helping Iran destabilize Iraq.

Good choice of allies there.

The only thing that Assad really wants is a reduction of US pressure so he can continue to do what he does best – be an evil dictator that suppresses his population.

What is wrong with these people?


Daniel said...

Like Rubashov in Darkness At Noon, they'd rather die living a lie than admit their whole life was based on falsehoods.
They have been raised to believe:
1.Once Jews stop beiong Jewish and become"Israeli" anti-semitism will end.
2. By raising the standard of living of Arabs, they will come on board the zionist enterprise.
3. If jews weren't so rathist, Arabs would be Israelis of the Mohammaden persuasion.
etc, etc

Lurker said...

I sent them a suggestion the other day:

Now that you've hung Syrian flags on highway leading to Jerusalem, you should suggest to the peace activists in Syria that they hang Israeli flags on the highway leading to Damascus. You must be in touch with the Syrian peace activists, right? And they want peace just like we do, right? So there's no reason they wouldn't want to make a similar gesture, right?

I got no response.

Anonymous said...

lurker: "... I got no response."

Gosh, I wonder why not?


Anonymous said...

The leftist have a mental DNA defect and can't be held responsible for their actions eventhough thay has been resposible for the sale (give away) of Israel, thousands of cold blooded murder victims and........wait, what am I saying?!!

The leftist should be given a choice. Obtain intense psychological counseling for the rest of their life or move to Iran, Syria,Lebanon or any of the 22 Arab countries.

Anonymous said...

This is the deep, dark, dirty secret of us Jews. Unfortunately, there has always been a signficant minority of Jews attracked to bloodthirsty dictators. In a "cosmic" sense, this is some sort of an inversion of Jewish spirituality, or "false messianism". Alexander Solzhenitsyn has pointed this out and thus been called an antisemite but I think he is seeing the true nature of the Jews. He likes religious Jews and he likes Zionist Jews but he is very critical of assimilated Jews who get attracted to these false gods. Jews who are attracted to these dictators are quite capable of inflicting the worst atrocities on those who oppose them. And Jews of this type can live in Israel and even have served in the IDF. This is my criticism of some of the followers of Rav Kook's philosophy...somehow they have developed the weird idea that "there is no such thing as a bad Jew", or someone who served (or better yet, was an officer) is automatically a tzaddik. The Torah demands tzedek from us, not just "blind love" of all Jews, EVEN IF THEY ARE DOING EVIL. It is time to wake up from this dream world that a lot of the "mamlachti'im" have been living in and see the reality of what bad Jews can tragically do (e.g. Oslo, Gush Katif, Amona).

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