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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Here is the story of two particular busloads of Efrat residents that were rounded up yesterday and herded on to buses from the Eitam hill.

The residents were peacefully hiking on property indisputably owned by the town of Efrat. The residents went peacefully onto the buses when asked to do so by the police. They were told they were being sent back to the Entrance of Efrat.

After stewing on the sealed buses without air-conditioning for hours, just outside the entrance to Efrat the buses began to pull out.

Passengers on both buses knew the police were about to take them for a ride and dump them somewhere.

The passengers on the bus I described last night found themselves unceremoniously dumped in the middle of nowhere, only managing to get home some (minimum) 6 hours later from when they left Eitam.

The passengers on the second bus took a different course of action.

As the bus began to pull out, they rioted.

They broke out of their cages, smashed the windows and doors. They grabbed the keys from the driver. They all got off the bus, and for good measure, they slashed all the tires.

They then calmly walked back into Efrat (they also rented buses and sent them to the Beit Shemesh region to find and pick up the other passengers after they were dumped onto the side of the road).

Total time from leaving Eitam – maximum 2 hours.

I think the lessons learned are clear.


djl said...

at eitam, the 2nd bud was stopped by activists as they learned where these buses were going.. as the bus hurdled down the only road activist laid down in the road causing the bus to stop.. while others deflated the tires... causing the driver to get out..

there was a 3rd bus that made it out of the efrat and entered the major roadway (60) to meet a similar ending as 3 cars boxed him to a stop, to when the youth knocked out the door and windows and escaped.. a bus packed with 100 youth, ended up arriving at the armys station with 12 people..

only we can stop status quo

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