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Monday, July 16, 2007
I have never seen such solidarity in the Land of Israel. I have never seen everyone, be they on the Left, Right, Arab, Jew, MK or News Pundit agree on one thing. It’s incredible. It’s as if the Mashiach could come any day now.

There is absolutely no disagreement.

Shimon Peres will use his position as President of Israel as a platform for intrigue and to undermine the policies of the State of Israel for his own personal pet agendas.

Some say it openly, some imply it clearly, and some hint at it with their backhanded compliments.

The Foreign Ministry writes they are used to Peres trying to go around them, and expect it to continue (in nicer words). Livni says that it is Olmert who will have the problem of Peres’s foreign policy games, and stupidly asks why would Peres try to undermine Olmert when they agree, are such good friends, and Peres owes him (sic). Bibi basically said that Peres lives in a dream world disconnected from reality.

His own words before his inauguration show the intrigues have already begun and we wouldn’t have expected less.

But I am amused when people say that after Weizmann and Katzav he will clean up the Presidency.

There certainly are a lot of questions and documentation floating around concerning the Peres Peace Center, its investments, and how (and to and from where) the money flows. No matter, the press will ignore it like always, and the true tradition of the scandals of the Presidency and other political elite will continue.

At least everyone agrees there will be intrigues.


Michael said...

7 million Israelis, and only 1 opinion?
Something must be wrong...

Anonymous said...

raIf Peres and the gov't end up at each other's throats, maybe that will minimize the damage each could do on his own. I am trying to find to ray of light in the blackness that Peres becoming President is bringing on the Jewish people. Or maybe people will finally realize that Israel is not a democracy, but a Hellenistic dictatorship controlled by a group that represents maybe 10% of the population.

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