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Monday, July 02, 2007
Olmert has a problem on his hands.

He wants to strengthen Abbas and that group of moderate terrorists. But he locked himself in a corner.

You see, he said he would release 250 Fatah prisoners “without blood on their hands”.

One minor technicality stands in his way.

Among all his moderate Fatah terrorist partners prisoners, he can’t find 250 that haven’t been involved in terrorist attacks that didn’t result in Jews being hurt, injured ot killed.

Now, us normal people already know that there is no such thing as a moderate terrorist, be it in the Fatah, the PLO, the PA, Hamas, whatever.

Olmert of course now has to look for a new solution to save face and build of Abbas’s confidence that he and the Israeli left are complete chumps.

His preferred solution appears to be that he will redefine what the term “blood on their hands” means.

Good luck with that. Not.


Anonymous said...

Come on people. Start commenting or I go on vacation.

I know you're reading this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Olmert should make himself one of the 'prisoners' that gets sent to the Arabs. He has lots of blood on his hands, too.

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