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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
The Prime Minister is busy reshuffling his cabinet right now.

He’s also busy reshuffling roadblocks.

You see, Olmert has promised to remove roadblocks that restrict the freedom of movement of Arabs in Yesh(a).

But Olmert won’t actually be removing the roadblocks, rather he will be reshuffling them.

If, during this past week, you’ve had the opportunity to drive on 60 or on 443 you would have noticed the traffic jams you were sitting in (I know I noticed them).

You see, roadblocks have been moved. For the past week there have been high alerts due to attempts by Arabs to take advantage of the already begun roadblock reduction to bring on another major attack on Israel.

Mada has even gone to a level 2 alert because of this.

So instead of roadblocks between Arab towns protecting us, by hindering them, we now have roadblocks on our main roads hindering us while we wait for them to slip through and blow up.

True Genius.


Michael said...

Only Olmert could have come up with that plan.

It's thinking like that which got us through last summer's war...

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