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Monday, July 16, 2007
There are a number of dumb and dangerous bills being promoted in the Knesset these days.

Yisrael Beitenu wants a bill that will withhold a day’s salaries from workers who don’t vote.

Personally, if I didn’t want to vote it’s my business. If you (the government) want me to vote then provide me with direct representation. I don’t need to support your farce if I don’t want to.

The second is by Shas to start censoring the internet. They want the ISPs to automatically block “porn” sites unless one specifically asks to have it unblocked.

My first question is who decides what is porn?

Second, is it really (halachically) right that someone will have a government (or government legislated) job to look at porn all day to decide if it is blocked or not?

But that starts the slippery slope.

Forget for a minute about deciding what is porn, what happens when the government, seeing how easy that was, decides that Hamas and Al Quida sites must be blocked.

Of course since, we are blocking terrorists sites, there goes anything that mentions the name Kahane. After that, bye-bye Muqata and JoeSettler, they are far too radical for the average Israeli to be reading. It will certainly be a good way to get Arutz-7 off the internet too.

Shimon Peres would certainly support and promote that kind of bill:
Peres: "There is a radical minority within us -- it is forbidden to let them express their opinions/views over the airwaves and media. They are a grave danger to democracy."
(hattip: Muqata )

Isn’t there too much government interference in our lives already?

How about giving me the opportunity to vote you jokers out and vote in individuals I want.

That is a bill I would support.


Rafi G. said...

I actually think the bill is a good one to only give people vacation days if they have proof of vote. Why should employers be forced to give a day of vacation for elections if the employee is not going to vote? either cancel the vacation day or make sure everyone votes.

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