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Thursday, July 12, 2007
If there is anything the Left is good at, it is getting their sound bites promoted by their Left-wing friends in the media.

How often did we hear, before leaving Lebanon (the first time), that by leaving Lebanon our boys will no longer be endangered or killed.

Or more recently, how often did we hear that by leaving Gaza our boys wouldn’t be endangered or killed in Gaza.

The problem with these sound bites is that they are populistic, simplistic, and of course complete lies.

Today an Israeli soldier was killed – in Gaza, fighting against terrorists trying to kill the Jewish population that is no longer in Gaza.

The Left will continue to spew their fabricated sound bites – to the detriment of the country we all live in, and unfortunately people will still continue to believe them no matter how often it strikes back at us.

Jameel sent me a link to a book by Kenneth Levin called The Oslo Syndrom that attempts to analyze this problem. I haven’t read it yet, but it looks interesting.


Ben Bayit said...

The Oslo Syndrome is a recurring theme on my blog. I'm sure there's a copy here and there laying about that you can borrow.

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