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Monday, July 16, 2007
I received a letter today that was quite interesting.

It seems Channel 10 has decided to blame the Settlers again for something. That in of itself is nothing unusual, but that is before you hear the details.

It seems that Channel 10 publicized a film that blames a Yishuv for destroying the apricot orchards of a nearby Arab village. These settlers allegedly did this to install a sewer pipe.

While the local villagers are apparently interviewed, no one thought to ask the Yishuv for their reaction (or if they did it was ignored)

So lets go through some of the facts. First of all, it is not a sewer pipe being laid, but rather a water pipe.

Second, this Yishuv is not responsible for nor connected to the pipe, and when the case went to the Supreme Court the Yishuv wasn’t even mentioned.


Because it is the government that is laying this pipe and it has to do with the Wall they are building and has nothing to do with the Yishuv.

But those minor facts have no relevance to Channel 10.


Meanwhile, as we speak, the Gush Katif Victims are protesting in Jerusalem demanding the government return what they stole from them. Specifically their land, farms, hot houses, and livelyhoods.

No response is expected.


Daniel said...

At least in America, the Jewish liberal left disappears due to intermarriage, all you have in Israel is yerida and then we et them.

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