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Friday, July 06, 2007
Ha’aretz is headlining yet another slanted “Peace” Now report. According to the report, only 9% of settler owned land is built on, and only 12% is used at all.

I am not going to go into ripping apart the details of the report because the story I am about to tell does it for me (and other people will rip it apart better than me).

As most of you know, since Oslo, the Left created a “settlement freeze”. What this means in real terms is that it has become extremely difficult to build new buildings and homes on Jewish owned land in parts of Eretz Yisrael– if you are a Jew.

It’s rather disingenuous to say that Settler land isn’t filled up (implying we don’t need it), when they are the one preventing us from building there and using it.

However, I want to tell you about another story.

The “Basheva” newspaper (Arutz-7 printed weekly) tells the story of Mattiyahu Mizrach – a new Chareidi town near Modiin.

Some 3000 apartments were built, but almost no Chareidim have moved in.

Why you may ask?

For one simple reason. “Peace” Now.

You see, the town was planned, built, and sold.

But then “Peace” Now came along and filed their standard court complaints to stop construction and entry.

Of course, you say, the land was stolen from the Palestinians, that’s why they filed. “Peace” Now is concerned about Settlers stealing Arab land.

You would of course be wrong.

You see the court determined 100% that this land is owned by Jews.

“Peace” Now didn’t even fight the construction on that ground.

No! “Peace” Now ran their colossal emergency campaign and utilized portions of their massive foreignly-funded budget to eventually find a technical mistake in the Taba – and that is the basis for stopping this project and causing serious financial hardship to thousands of families and the construction companies.

By the end of the summer the Taba technicality will be fixed. It is only a minor bureaucratic issue.

But protecting the technical details of the law is not the goal of “Peace” Now.

To quote “Peace” Now’s Etkes, “Next time they’ll think twice before they buy in this type of area”.

I think that says it all.



Anonymous said...

It's interesting that in all the papers that printed the "Peace" Now report, none thought to get a response from any official settler organization. Is that fair and unbiased reporting?

Check out this response too:

Lion of Zion said...

i agree that peace now is "evil," but your implication about "their massive foreignly-funded budget" is raised also by critics of the religious and of the settlers.

shavu'ah tov

Anonymous said...

"Evil" is right.

And they haven't got a danged thing to do with peace!


Lurker said...

To Ari: True, religious and "settler" groups also get lots of funding from Jews living abroad. But "Peace" Now gets funding from foreign governments -- to wit, the E.U. and several of its member states.

Anonymous said...

lurker: dang you beat me to it.

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