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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Next time I hear another leftist talk about the “Rule of Law” in Israel, I think I will smack him.

There is no question that the Eitam hill belongs to the town of Efrat, nor that much of it is actually privately purchased by Jews from before the State.

Whether or not one believes that it is legal for Efrat residents to go up to their own property (and only in this sick government would it not be) the government must decide that either it follows the law or not. Because, if the government doesn’t follow the law, then the citizens don’t need to either.

This evening, the police gathered up residents of Efrat who were on the Eitam hill and piled them into police buses.

These residents went peacefully and were told they were being driven back into Efrat.

The Efrat residents were driven to the entrance of Efrat. The police then turned off the engine (and air-conditioning), left the buses, and left the residents of Efrat locked in to stew in the unbearable heat for hours without even the option of opening a window (or going to the bathroom either for that matter).

After a few hours the police came back and then drove the Efrat residents (who had peacefully, and in good faith entered the buses) out to the middle of nowhere, somewhere near Beit Shemesh, where they were unceremoniously dumped on the side of the road.

Oh, and I’ve also heard reports on how the police violently beat up people.

There are only 2 options here.

1) Either the Efrat residents did something illegal, in which case they should be arrested and charged – and not have been subject to police abuse and police brutality.

2) Or the residents of Efrat did nothing illegal, in which case they should not have been the subject of police abuse and police brutality.

Either way, the police abused their power, knowingly overstepped the boundaries of what is allowed by law, and no longer played by the “Rule of Law”.

If that is the case, I see no reason for the police to expect the citizens of this state to continue playing by the same rules the government purposely ignores to the detriment of its citizens.


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