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Friday, October 05, 2007
A few days ago I wrote a rant about living in the US vs. living in Israel.

Here is a link to an article about an Israeli textile manufacturer that has dicovered it pays to manufacture, not in China, but in Israel.

Gary Heiman, founder of the Arad Towel Company says that while manpower and some other things are cheaper, when it comes to quality manufacturing of products, innovation, stability, turn-around, quality control and more, nothing aparrantly beats Israel.

To quote Heiman:
"So it's true that the gross is cheaper, less salaries, but in the net, I earn well when I take advantage of what I can get in Israel – high-quality and intelligent manpower, with energy, innovation, who are proud of what they do. The Israeli workers and the managers want to be the best. Their level cannot be compared to other places."

Gee. It's nice to write something positive and upbeat every now and then.


Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

I sure agree with your last sentence. I've actually returned to the U.S. and am planning on staying here with the wife. I didn't plan on it happening this way but circuimstances that I could't have foreseen forced me into this bind. I hope to return to Israel one day.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. It is very difficult to make the move back, and sucks when it has to happen.

Hopefully things will allow you to come back.

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