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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
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OK, I checked this out, and I have to admit this is so cool.

Rabbi Brovender and the crew at Atid have set up a complete, live and real Yeshiva on the Internet.

I’m not talking about articles and posts.

I’m talking about interactive live video feeds of shiurim, along with online resources – all in realtime.

Meaning, you sit in Shiur at home along with the rest of the “class” and you can interact with each other and of course the Rabbi giving the Shiur (including Rabbi Brovender). And they have shiurim on different levels, for beginners and advanced learners.

You can apparently have a video Chavrusa, and they have Rabbis on-call 24/6 to answer questions on what you are learning.

I’m tempted…

Do they serve a hot lunch, or do you need to order in?


Yehudi said...

This is very exciting! I think I would be very interested in something like's the AMerican way..."How can you make it more convenient for me?" Very nice!

mevaseretzion said...

Jow, I am putting this here because I dont know your email address. Please link to

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