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Monday, October 22, 2007
Last week I read how a left-wing think tank, well known for their leftists views, would be presenting Ehud Olmert with a working paper they're doing on whether or not dividing Jerusalem would bring peace.

I wasn't quite sure how any reasonable, thinking person could expect this "independent" think tank to come up with any results other than the one we’d expect from them. I even wondered if they needed to waste their time writing a working paper. I could have written the results for them myself, in advance.

Amd I wasn’t let down, the think tank's expected response was - No, dividing Jerusalem will not bring peace, unless you also throw in the Old City and of course the Jewish Temple Mount (I doubt they said Jewish though).

Oh, and of course (as we already mentioned), Israel would have to permit all the Arabs in the areas about to be thrown away, to have the opportunity to live and move to the "Israeli" side of the division, otherwise those Arabs will also be unhappy and will start working to undermine Israel and Jewish Jerusalem.

Think about what they are saying, it’s pretty funny.

It reminded me of some other news that came out yesterday.

Leftist groups in Israel who sponsored and were involved in the joint Israeli-Palestinian “OneVoice” concert that was forced to be cancel are struggling with how to react to their fellow Leftists who forced the cancellation.

You see, the Palestinians, who didn’t find them Left enough, threatened to blow them and their offices up.

The Leftists overseas were very upset that the event was being held in Park HaYarkon in Tel Aviv – the sight of an Arab village before 1948 (until the Arabs ran away expecting the Jews to be slaughtered), and they too demanded its cancellation.

The organizers just couldn’t understand how their organization for Peace wasn’t far enough to the Left, for the anti-Semites outside of their little circle of friends.


Meanwhile, in other news, archaeologist (with their hands tied behind their back) overseeing the continuing destruction of the Temple Mount by the Arabs, have discovered an entire archaeological level dating back to our First Temple period. Something the Arabs are trying to destroy as they attempt to delink the Jews from our Temple Mount.


JoeSettler said...

In case you didn't catch what was said above, this is what the Leftist Think Tank said...

If Israel wants Peace it must hand over land.

But there won't be Peace unless it hands over all the land being demanded.

But still, there still won't be Peace, unless the Arabs living on the land being handed over are allowed to be absorbed into “Israel”, and not live on the land being handed over to the PA.

So they are saying that the demographic issue of Jerusalem is irrelevant to Peace, and in fact we should move all the Arabs from the Arab side to the Jewish side, while handing over empty land to the PA, so they can do whatever with it (like destroy Jewish holy sites).

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