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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
It was like being on the set of Prison Break.

yesterday’s article I think every person for the division of Jerusalem should be required to visit Kever Rachel.

Kever Rachel is a 1 15 minute WALK (and less than a 2 minute car ride) from Talpiyot, yet it takes a half hour to get there by bus.

As part of the idiotic capitulation process, Israel handed over control of Beit Lechem to the enemy. After all the attacks from PA controlled areas Israel decided to wall them in, instead of retaking control and kicking the enemy out.

A big problem today is that Jews no longer have free access to one of our oldest holy sites, the gravesite of Rachel Imeinu.

What was once a lone standing building in an empty field is now a practically impenetrable fortress that requires coordination with the army to visit due to Arab terrorism.



Tens of thousands of Jews visited today:

The entrance to the Kever:

Can you imagine what it will be like to try to get to Ramot, Ramat Shlomo, Abu Tor, Har Tzofim (The Hebrew University), The Old City, Abu Tor, Ramat Rachel, Arnona, Pisgat Zeev, East Talpiyot, and the rest of the city when they are done dividing it?

If there was ever a time we needed Rachel's prayers and tears, this is it.


Anonymous said...

kever rochel is NOT a 1 minute walk from talpiot. it takes be 10-15 minutes to walk to ramal rachel from arnona. which way do you walk? kever rochel would be about 30-45 minutes. but anyway, point taken. thank you for the photos.

Anonymous said...

From the corner of Derech Hevron and Harozmarin to Kever Rachel is approximately 1.5 Kilometers, or 1 mile.

Assuming my average walking speed is 4 miles per hour, it would take me around 15 minutes to walk there.

(Instead of Talpiyot we can call it Gilo, Givat Haarba, or the like, but I'm referring to the place where you have to get on the bus.)

Your correction is well taken too.

JoeSettler said...

The kever itself is less than 500 meters (1/3 of a mile) inside Bethlehem's border, or around a 5 minute walk from the gate.

Anonymous said...

Joe - why not imbed a recent video taken at the Kever

here's a link to the video:

the embed code is on the page

keep up the good work buddy...

Batya said...

It's horrid, but most of the time much easier to get in.

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