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Sunday, October 28, 2007
I don't know if you've been paying attention. Or perhaps you have, but it just isn't considered big news for all the standard reasons. Or perhaps you expect it, so you can't get excited about it anymore.

On Friday, a shul was burnt down in Israel.

Today, the farm belonging to the same town was utterly destroyed.

Of course, it isn't news, just like the previous times, because the farms belong to Jews.

What is different this time, is that 3 of the perpetrators were finally caught in the act of running away. The three, UK citizens and members of the left-wing, anti-Semitic group ISM couldn't run as fast as their fellow wannabe Nazis who left them behind, so they got caught.

It's already been determined that they were also involved in previous attacks on Jewish villages and their farms and property.

Apparently, after the Arabs and leftists kept getting caught on film destroying Arab farms and then blaming the settlers, they decided to graduate to destroying Jewish farms and synogogues.

I think its time for some more Rachel Corrie incidents to thin the pack of these rabid animals that have entered our country.


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