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Thursday, October 18, 2007
A known tactic the police have used in political prosecutions persecutions of anti-Expulsion protesters has been “secret information”. In fact, this is something the police have used for a while now in court cases not just against those who are pro-Israel.

“Secret Information” is something shown to the judge, while the defendant has no access or even knowledge of what that information is.

Can you imagine trying to defend yourself in court when suddenly the judge is shown “secret information” by the State. How can you defend yourself? How can you determine if the judge hasn’t been prejudiced by irrelevant information?

A bill is going to its final reading in the Knesset soon that will allow the Police full “Big Brother” access without even the need for a court order.

The police will be able to freely access your phone records, your internet records, your cell phone records, even your cable records (and how exactly is that applicable to state security?).

The police will even be able to use your cell phone record to pinpoint your (cellphone’s) location at any point in time. (Go prove you lent your phone to your wife).

Can you imagine such unchecked power in the hands of an organization that has shown to be rife with so much corruption as of late (especially by those high up in the food chain), open political manipulation, that has abused its powers both physically and legally, that has completely lost the trust of the people?

This is a scary law, and it must be blocked.

Would you trust this man with your liberty?


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