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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
I was listening to Radio Kol Chai this afternoon. Radio Kol Chai is a Chareidi station that tend to take a Right of Center position on many issues.

They were interviewing the head of some organization in Sderot concerning the decision to (or not to) shut off electricity to Gaza in retaliation to or as a deterrent to the missile strikes on Sderot.

The Sderot resident was justifiably angry at the voices saying that no action should be taken.

They then called on one of the sicko leaders of Peace Now, who ranted on how no action should be taken against Gaza. Instead a cease-fire must be reached (hmmm, I thought if they didn't start shooting we wouldn't have to react) and the flood-gates opened for trade and free passage! This was his solution!

He said that taking actions against Gaza would have no effect, so it is not a good thing to do it.

Since shutting off the electricity has never even been tried, it is not clear to me how he can be so sure it won't work.

This sicko then unbelievably went on to equate that there are only two groups against the upcoming Annapolis meeting – the Iranians and the Jewish Rightwing - how both share a common goal of "no peace".

I was astounded as his incredibly idiotic comparison and thought process.

I think a more accurate comparison would have been the following.

What do Gaza terrorists and Peace Now have in common?

Neither wants the electricity shut off in Gaza, and apparently neither cares about the lives of the residents of Sderot.

Both groups clearly share the same goals (and I’m not just talking about the electricity) – now that is association that is clearly defensible.


Anonymous said...

excellent point

Daniel said...

"What do Gaza terrorists and Peace Now have in common?"

They are one and the same.

Or to cite that 70's show Battlestar Galactica- Peace Now are Israel's Count Baltar.

Peter Grynch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter Grynch said...

Basic principle of socioeconomics: You always get more of the behavior that you reward.

Didn't these same peaceniks claim that building a wall wouldn't reduce suicide bombers? You wonder if these guys ever get tired of being proven wrong.

Israel could greatly reduce terrorism just by turning out the lights in Palestinian territories each time a missile is fired into Israel. Sure the Euro weenies and Islamiscist would howl, but the people in the territories would come to view the missile firers as annoyances that make their lives harder, rather then brave "freedom fighters".

Too bad the Israeli government may be too liberal to survive.

Anonymous said...

One important point. Some leftist general in the Israel Defense Forces said that shutting off the electricity for a short time would only antigonize them more and lead to more anger and more terrorist attacks. HE'S RIGHT! The idea of shutting it off only after every missle is really stupid. We should cut off everything and do it now and do it completely. Partial responses only lead us right into their trap. Their strategy is to drag the conflict out as long as possible. That's also why I'm against a ground invasion. That would be a repeat of the Second Lebanon War. Basically, anything Ehud Barak proposes, I am skeptical of.

Anonymous said...

Dang it! The Israeli government forced us to "hitnatek" from 'Aza; they should go ahead and really hitnatek all the way -- no electricity to 'Aza, no water, no nuthin'. Period. The bastards can stew in their own sewage.

Right now. Without waiting for yet another Kassam launch. And without flipping the switch back on after 15 minutes or whatever the heck Barak is intending.



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