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Monday, October 29, 2007
Let’s say you were a social worker in a violent gang-ridden area. The gangs are preying on the residents, the neighboring towns, even on each other. Murder isn’t even given short shrift.

You come up with a brilliant idea. You find some rich sponsors sympathetic to your cause, and you get them to donate money to help eradicate this gang problem.

You then call in the gangs and promise to give them money to help them, but tell them the violence must stop.

So you give them money for a month, for two months, for a year.

After a year, you notice that the gang violence isn’t getting better. In fact, there are more murders now than ever. (Perhaps the gangs even tell you they need more money).

You decide that the amount money you gave them obviously wasn’t enough, and so you hit up the sponsors for more funds.

Now you double, you even triple the monthly stipends you give to the gangs. Another year passes and the violence is far worse.

I came across these statistics on CAMERA via Iris.

You can obviously draw your own conclusions, but you can’t ignore the correlation.

A study was done on Palestinian Terrorism and Murder and Foreign Aid.

As you can see from the charts, as foreign aid to the Palestinians increases, so do Palestinian acts of murder. When foreign aid to Palestinians decreases, Palestinian acts of murder correspondingly decrease.

In fact, the more money they receive, the more murders the Palestinians commit, the less money they receive, the less murders they commit – it is practically a 100% correlation.

(As an aside, when Palestinians are blocked from killing Jews, they kill each other instead).

But what is most interesting is the time lag between the receipt of the money and the number of murders.

The increase and decrease of the money received precipitates the number of murders that will be committed by one year.

You can practically estimate how many Palestinians acts of murder and terrorism will be committed in any year based on how much money they received the year before.

In 2007 they received the most money ever.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like the Altamont rock festival in 1969 where they got the Hells Angels motorcycle gang to be security guards at the concert. This was to playcate the Hells Angels since they threatened to show up anyway to stir things up. The result was murder, and a riot, including the guy from the Jefferson Airplane getting beat up and the Rolling Stones being airlifted off stage.

Lurker said...

That was a brilliant and very valuable post. Thank you for drawing my attention to these statistics.

The compulsion of the international community to shower more and more money upon the Palestinian Authority terrorists made me think of a new interpretation of Bereishit 16:12:

"יָדוֹ בַכֹּל, וְיַד כֹּל בּוֹ"

"His hand shall be raised against everyone, but everyone will give him handouts."

Anonymous said...

Cool! Comments!

Anonymous said...

Could it be they are fighting over the money?

Anonymous said...

More money means they can by more guns and ammo and afford to hire more
'gang' members.

It's so simple that a bleeding heart Leftie would never understand it.

Peter Grynch said...

Basic principle of socioeconomics: You always get more of the behavior that you reward.

Giving money to terrorists creates more terrorism because terrorism is a rewarded behavior.

Israel could greatly reduce terrorism just by turning out the lights in palastinian territories each time a missle is fired into Israel. Sure the Euroweenies and Islamisists would howl, but the people in the territories would come to view the missile firers and anoyances that make their lives harder.

Too bad the Israeli government may be too liberal to survive.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting post, thank you.

I wonder how much money we'd have to give them until they completely killed each other off. I'd donate.

Anonymous said...

It is well documented that families of Suicide Bombers as well as terrorists who simply kill Israelis receive money and support from the different PA organs as reward for their actions. There is financial incentive for killing Jews. And the more money that is available from official sources for those methods, the more attractive those methods become.

Once the possibility of killing Jews is reduced there is still a huge pile of money that someone has to control and distribute, so killing off the competition certainly makes sense.

Unknown said...

Your charts may be accurate but they have been prepared by an idiot possibly an accountant because some accountants think that MM is a unit.

M in the SI system is 10^6 or 1,000,000 so is he trying to say 1,000,000,000,000? In North America this is 1,000 Billion $! So per 1,000 Billion don't think so.

Google MM if you don't believe me.

Anonymous said...

I just Googled it...


Both define MM as million.

Naftali said...

Just so you know,

I check your blog daily and wish you would post more often.

Anonymous said...

naftali: More than once a day?

Anonymous said...


M is the older placeholder for 1,000 (taken from Roman Numerals).

Thus, $25MM equals $25,000,000, not $25,000,000,000,000 ($25 million million).

It can get misleading, as you've noted.

Great article! Bookmarking this one.

at gmail d0t calm

Naftali said...


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