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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
There was an article about Peki'in in the JP a few weeks ago.

Interesting place. Now it is mostly a Druse village, but it used to be a completely Jewish town, and in fact there has been a continuous line of Jews living there for the past few thousand years (such as the Zenati family).

It is said that the Druse and Arabs live there together quite peacefully.

It is also said that Peki'in is the location of the cave where Shimon Bar-Yochai hid from the Romans and wrote the Zohar.

Here is a picture of the cave (source: .

Peki'in has been in the news lately for other reasons. The recent riots and violence.

I have no clue as to what happened in Peki'in other than a few basics that seems to be pretty clear.

Someone had an cellphone antenna installed very close the homes in the town and the residents didn't want it there due to the suspected correlation between antennas and cancer. They were upset. They didn't get reactions or responses from the authorities. They rioted.

The police came in, clearly with their well-known of attitude of busting heads first, and then busting heads again later - not to mention using live fire against citizens of the State of Israel

It's time someone reformed the Israeli police. They cannot keep being allowed to act like a bunch of inexperienced newbies who don't know how to do their job properly.

Charges must be brought against the officers that used live fire. And an investigation must be run to uncover who is the idiot who gave the orders for police to go in without proper and non-lethal riot equipment.

No, I am not ignoring the acusations of alleged use by Peki'in residents of weapons, and that must be investigated too.

But police violence has reached an all-time high. Violent officers aren't punished (unless caught on film). And the police seem completely ignorant of modern methods of crowd control that don't include the excessive use of force.

Have you noticed that when Israeli police begin to direct traffic, the streets suddenly get far more congested?

And whenever police come in to quell angry citizens, the violence escalates far beyond normal levels for any professional (and Western) police force.

What are they, the Keystone Cops?


Anonymous said...

"Have you noticed that when Israeli police begin to direct traffic, the streets suddenly get far more congested?"

Yes, I've oftened noticed that, too.


Anonymous said...

To be clear, the Druse residents of Peki'in are far from innocent here either.

Read this article for more information.

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