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Friday, April 13, 2007
Sometimes you have to wonder if Leftists live in the same world as normal people.

Normally I (rightfully) just ignore idiotic articles from columnists like Larry Derfner, but when he so purposefully distorts reality like he did in this article it deserves a response.

Derfner describes the wonderful experience he had watching his “seven-year-old boy and some black kids chasing each other around a jumping castle at a family restaurant in Johannesburg”.

What were the chances, I thought, of my son running around a jumping castle with a bunch of Arab kids in Israel” Derfner complains.

I don't know of a restaurant, or park, or any public place in this country where that could happen.”, Derfner continues.

So either Derfner doesn’t get out much, or he is an out-and-out liar.

I just took my oldest kid to the Kiddie Park (whatever it is called) inside Kanyon Ayalon in Ramat Gan. There he climbed up and down the chutes and ladder structure – alongside other children, which included native Israelis, Russians, Religious, not Religious, and dare I say it – Arabs. (There are only 2 kosher restaurants in that entire mall, so don’t go there looking for food).

The other month we went to the Kiddie Park in Pisgat Zeev.
Uh-oh. Here again my kid found himself climbing the structures and jumping into the ball pool with other children of all persuasions – including… wait for it… Arab children!

And Malcha, when they bring in the Jumping Castles every now and then…guess who is jumping together on the castles. (Or in the play area next to the children's stores).

Should I mention Kiftzuba – the largest park for children in the country? Because guess who was playing there too.

As regular readers know, I just got back from Tiveria, and as I mentioned in that post, Tiberias is an interesting coexistence of different sectors.

I don’t know where in Israel Derfner lives, or where in Israel he hangs out – but it certainly isn’t where the rest of this country is.


Lion of Zion said...

when i was in park ha-kofim this summer it was packed with groups of arab kids. i assumed they were druze (refugees from the north?) because some of adults were armed. it was actually a wierd site (i.e., armed arabs) that i was not used to.

(kahaneloyalist: do you have a problem with the druze?)

shabbat shalom

Lion of Zion said...


ger toshav is a halakhic category of personal status. i don't understand how it is relevant to the politico-legal structure of contemporary israel. to reword as a question, do you accept them as full citizens with identical rights to those enjoyed by jews?

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the Gilo park in occupied Jerusalem. Larry is a typical lefist, he loves Arabs so much he doesn't want to see or live next to them.


JoeSettler said...

abu: He probably only goes to elite Leftist parks in the center of the country.

Anonymous said...

Ari, no. Goyim may not have equal status to Jews in a Jewish state that is straight Halacha, the only Goyim who are allowed to live in Eretz Yisrael are those who have taken the status of Ger Toshav. I dont know if you follow the Torah or not but Judaism is not Thomas Jefforson, Goyim are not are equal nor are we to treat them as equals in a Jewish state. You can say its not possible to have a Jewish state in this day and age, well then all you'll have is a mediocre hebrew speaking version of America

Lion of Zion said...


"Goyim may not have equal status to Jews . . ."

so you do have a problem with druzim then, because they are not going to accept the status of ger toshav.

"I dont know if you follow the Torah or not . . ."

i guess one of my problems with transfer is that i would probably be next after those who do not accept ger toshav. actually, the way i follow the torah might get me stoned by a bet din rather than just transferred.

my problem with many kahanists is that they are quick to apply halakhah to the public realm without recongnizing the full ramifications of such a move. indeed, many kahanists would simply be stoned along with me. (i don't know you so i am obviously not talking about you.)

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